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What People do Wrong when Going Through the Divorce Process

Posted by Vincent C. DeLuca | Aug 04, 2020 | 0 Comments

One of the major mistakes that people make when going through the divorce process is that they let their emotions, most often their anger, cloud their judgment and decision making. One must keep in mind the effects that your actions may have on the children born of the marriage. When one spouse is hurt emotionally by the actions of the other spouse, it is easy to lash out and try to punish that person. Unfortunately, your children can be collateral damage as a result of your desire to get even.

When addressing such issues as custody, people going through the process use the word “ I” often . What is in your best interests may not always be what is in your children's best interest . It is important for the divorce attorney to redirect the client when he or she feels that the client has lost his or her way and is merely seeking to get even as opposed to doing what is best .  Divorce is hard enough, it makes no sense to unnecessarily damage your children when going through this process.

Another common mistake that people make when going through the divorce process is that they give up, meaning they are so emotionally exhausted they just wish to agree to whatever is being proposed by the other side . A good attorney should not let that happen and make the client aware of the fact that the decisions that are made when going through this process will in all likelihood remain in effect for many years to come . Unfortunately, this is a strategy utilized by people going through a divorce as well as attorneys to try to tire the other side out and make them give up . A good lawyer and the appropriate Judge should be able to combat such a strategy . An individual going through a divorce needs to be made aware of the various mechanisms that can be utilized to address such behavior .

Another mistake that people make because they are emotional is a desire to be overly litigious and aggressive throughout the divorce process . When that happens the only ones who truly benefit are the attorneys . The attorneys will benefit because the more the parties fight the more money the lawyers make . Oftentimes people state they wanted to hire a pit bull as an attorney,  which is often the wrong move, as it just merely ends up costing the person going through the divorce extra money without providing the benefit of any better result .

Should you have any questions of how to handle yourself while going through the divorce process please feel free to contact the divorce  lawyers at Villani and DeLuca.

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