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Arson is a Felony Crime in New Jersey

Arson Lawyer

In New Jersey, an offense commonly referred to as a “felony” in other states is simply called a crime. Although New Jersey does not use the same terminology, the punishments are essentially the same, a crime being punishable by more than six months in jail. A person is guilty of arson when he or she starts a fire or causes an explosion on a property. Arson can be a crime of the second or third degree under New Jersey law, depending on the offender's mental state and intent behind committing the crime.

Damage to Another's Property is Not Required for an Arson Charge

A person who creates a fire on his or her own personal property can also be charged with the crime of arson. Actual damage, whether to one's own property or the property of another is not even required. If one starts a fire or explosion while recklessly placing another person, forest, building or structure in danger of injury or damage, he or she can be charged with arson, even if no such injury or damage actually occurs.

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