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Pine Beach Borough Municipal Court

Pine Beach Municipal Court Address

599 Pennsylvania Avenue

Pine Beach, NJ 08741

Phone Number: (732) 349-6453

Fax Number: (732) 240-0533

Pine Beach Municipal Court Hours of Operation

If you need to speak to the Pine Beach Municipal Court Administrator or make a payment, the court office hours are on Monday and Wednesday, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Court hearings are always on the first Wednesday of the month, starting at 3:00 p.m. The presiding judge for the Pine Beach Municipal Court is the Honorable Philip M. Miller.

Questions About Your Court Summons

If you have questions regarding your summons, or need basic information such as how to fill out court forms, you can contact the Court Administrator Linda Felton at (732) 349-6453.
Please be aware that Court Administrators do not have the power to change a judge's order, nor can they speak to the judge on your behalf. They also cannot offer legal advice, which is why it is recommended to hire an experienced Pine Beach lawyer to answer questions regarding your charges.

Submitting Payments to the Pine Beach Municipal Court

Parking and traffic tickets can be paid online at, which is the official NJMC Direct website. The site accepts credit and debit payments from Visa and MasterCard cards only, and you will be assessed a “convenience fee” for this service.
You can also submit your payment to the Court Administrator during office hours, as stated above. Pine Beach Municipal Court only accepts cash, check or money order for payments made at the office. If mailing in your payment, please only send cash or money order.

Court Appearances at the Pine Beach Municipal Court

In the state of New Jersey, all criminal charges and certain non-criminal charges, such as DWI's, require a court hearing. If you are required to come to court, the “court appearance required” box on your Pine Beach Municipal Court summons will be checked. Although you can enter a guilty plea with the Court Administrator ahead of time, doing so will not excuse you from a required court appearance.
It is best to show up early for your hearing and check in with the court staff, who will instruct you on how to proceed. Remember to shut off or silence your cell phone and make sure to stay quiet until it is your turn to speak.
If you are pleading not guilty, it is beneficial to hire a lawyer to handle your case. Having a lawyer means you can request a postponement, giving you time to prepare a better defense. Your lawyer can also help you if you wish to talk to the Prosecutor about a plea agreement. This is an attempt for your lawyer to negotiate with the prosecutor and settle your case without going in front of the judge.

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Directions to Pine Beach Municipal Court

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