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Defending NJ Commercial Truck Driver Charges

In New Jersey, there is a difference between a traffic violation committed by a person with a basic driver's license and one committed by a commercial truck driver who drives for a living. The commercial driver faces all of the same laws that a regular driver does, in addition to having to keep their truck up-to-date with all of the proper safety permits, stopping at weigh stations when it is required to do so and following logbook regulations.

Penalties for CDL Violations

A person with a commercial driver's license (CDL) who receives a moving violation citation for improper turning, driving on a road forbidden to commercial traffic, going through stop signs or red lights or driving under the influence not only has to contend with the New Jersey legal system with tickets and fines, but the person also faces the prospect of losing his or her job. Insurance rates will also be raised in the event of a serious traffic violation.
A person with a CDL may not realize how fast he or she is going and get caught for speeding. Three speeding tickets in three years or within 300,000 miles results in an automatic suspension of the CDL and can take away someone's livelihood. Other possible reason for a commercial driver's license suspension is in the event a CDL licensed driver is convicted of his or her second DWI in New Jersey. A first DWI offense will result in suspension of one's CDL license for one year, but a CDL license will be permanently revoked upon a second DWI conviction.
Many CDL holders think that they can give the ticket to their company to take care of and the problem will disappear. While some companies pay for parking tickets as a business expense, they might or might not pay for a traffic violation ticket. Regardless of who pays for it though, it won't clear the violation from the driver's record and, if they accrue enough speeding tickets or other moving violations, their commercial driver's license may be suspended.

Speak to a NJ Traffic Attorney

If you are a New Jersey commercial truck driver and you were charged with a moving violation or other traffic offense in Ocean County or Monmouth County, New Jersey, the lawyers of Villani & DeLuca in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey can assist you with your charge.
A person with a CDL is driving for a living. This means that the license is a key part of his or her life. If it is suspended for any reason, the individual might not be able to work. This makes defending charges for violating a New Jersey traffic law something to take very seriously. If you are a CDL driver and have been charged with violating traffic laws while on New Jersey roads, contact Villani & DeLuca for assistance with your case. The firm's traffic law attorneys offer free consultations.

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