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Defending Racing on a Public Road Charges in NJ

Racing on a public road in New Jersey is a dangerous activity that puts lives at risk. New Jersey law states that it is illegal to race on a New Jersey road and being caught doing so will result in a disorderly persons charge. If a person arranges, encourages or oversees the holding of a race between vehicles, he or she will also be charged with a disorderly persons offense. If convicted of racing on a public road, it is a moving violation in which the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) will add points to the driving record of the convicted individual in addition to the criminal penalties for racing.

Penalties for Racing on a Public Road

A conviction for racing in New Jersey may result in fines fines, insurance surcharges and the likelihood of a suspended driver's license. It could even involve jail time if it is your second offense. With the conviction of racing on a NJ highway, there will be five points added to the defendant's driving record. If a person has twelve or more points at any time, the license will automatically be suspended for 30 days.
When convicted in New Jersey Municipal Court for this traffic violation, there will also be fines assessed to the driver. First time offenders will have to pay between $25 and $100. If it is a second or subsequent offense, the fines will rise to between $100 and $200. For a second offense, someone convicted of racing under N.J.S.A. 39:4-52 or N.J.S.A. 39:5C-1 will also face the possibility of going to jail for up to 90 days. If an accident involving serious bodily injury or death occurred as a result of the racing, the defendant can face more serious charges of an indictable crime.

Fines Can be Doubled and Your Car Insurance Will Increase

If the racing was committed is an area in which the speed limit is 65 miles per hour, in a designated safe corridor, or in an area where highway construction is being done, the fines will be doubled under New Jersey statutes N.J.S.A. 39:4-98.6 and N.J.S.A. 39:4-203.5. The penalties are not limited to fines, points on the license and the possibility of a license suspension. When convicted of racing on a public road, the driver's insurance premiums will rise as well as five insurance eligibility points are added to the driver's record. With seven or more of these points, the driver won't be able to get insurance on the market, but will have to get at-risk coverage which is more expensive.

Speak to a Qualified Traffic Law Attorney

Being charged with racing on a public road can be a costly mistake. Therefore, if you are facing the litany of penalties that accompany this traffic offense, it's important to speak to an experienced attorney from Villani & DeLuca in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Don't make the mistake of pleading guilty or going to court without legal representation to protect your interests.
With the number of points that can be put on a person's driver's license, the prospect of license suspension, fines and higher insurance rates, those charged with racing on a public road in towns such as Toms River, Asbury Park or Point Pleasant should speak to Villani & DeLuca about their options. Call today for your free consultation.

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