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New Jersey Online Divorce

Obtaining a divorce in New Jersey may be easier than you think. The divorce lawyers at Villani and DeLuca may be able to make your divorce both easy and affordable.  They have the experience to quickly process your divorce documents.  Uncontested divorce proceedings can be completed in approximately 45 days' time from start to finish.

Many of the family courts throughout New Jersey are permitting divorces to be finalized “on the papers”.  What this means is that no court appearance is required.  Provided all the documents are completed in accordance with the requirements of the court and the parties submit a fully executed comprehensive marital settlement agreement the process can be done expeditiously.  The paperwork required to finalize a New Jersey Online Divorce can be quite overwhelming to a non-lawyer.  The divorce lawyers at the Villani and DeLuca law firm have been processing uncontested divorces throughout the state for over 25 years.   There is an advantage to having a licensed divorce lawyer prepare the required documents to finalize the divorce as opposed to having a non-lawyer third party company prepare same.  A lawyer can answer a question that the court may have on your behalf and may be able to assist in finalizing the divorce more quickly and efficiently than if you were to attempt to do it yourself.


For couples seeking an inexpensive divorce in the state of New Jersey, online divorce can be a fast, easy and affordable solution.  Online divorces are one of the most cost- effective ways for couples who have an uncontested case to get divorced.  The divorce and family law lawyers at the Villani and DeLuca can handle all aspects of the step by step process of getting your divorce done.  We are not merely a document preparation service, we are lawyers who can answer questions that you may have and speak to the court on your behalf.  For cases that involve children or have some complex issues you should have a lawyer assist you so that you do not have any problems after the divorce is done.


Vincent C. DeLuca, the founding partner of the Villani and DeLuca law firm can assist you with all aspects of your online New Jersey Divorce.   The firm will prepare and file on your behalf all of the documents required by the local county court.   Mr. DeLuca will speak with you extensively on the phone to gather all the necessary information required to file for divorce on your behalf.  Divorce is hard enough to deal with, let the experienced lawyers at the Villani and DeLuca law firm guide you through the process. The law firm provides affordable divorces in all counties throughout New Jersey inclusive of Bergen County, Union County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Ocean County, Burlington County, Atlantic County, Passaic County, and Essex County. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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