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Schedule III Drug Charges in New Jersey

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Under New Jersey law, drugs are regulated under the acronym CDS which stands for Controlled Dangerous Substances. There are five categories under which drugs can be classified. Schedule I refers to drugs that have no medical purpose or safe medical purpose or can have a high potential for abuse and addiction. Heroin is an example of a Schedule I drug. Schedule II drugs have a high possibility to be abused or addictive; has medical use with heavy restrictions; and can result in psychological and/or physical dependency.
For Schedule III drugs, the rules are slightly different. If it is found by the State that the drug has potential for abuse but that potential is less than that of a Schedule I or II drug, it is placed in the Schedule III category. If, in the United States, the drug currently has a medically accepted use and if the drug has a moderate to low chance of dependency, then it will be placed in Schedule III.

Examples of Schedule III Drugs in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the following drugs are examples of those listed under Schedule III of CDS. Amphetamines, such as Speed and Adderall, are used to increase wakefulness, alertness and concentration. They provide the feeling of energy and are used by college students studying, athletes, people trying to lose weight by suppressing appetite and increasing ability to exercise, or by people partying. The drug can lead to the user becoming irritable, aggressive and agitated. He or she can also become prone to insomnia and paranoia.
Anabolic steroids are legal when prescribed by a physician. People suffering from asthma are often given doses of steroids. The muscle-building and strength-building attributes of steroids (such as Dianabol or Winstrol) are known to athletes and bodybuilders and have been outlawed in every major sport. They are still sold and used for purposes other than their medical intent and can lead to aggressiveness, acne and problems with internal organs.
Barbiturates are classified in Schedule III. These are sedatives used to treat nervousness and anxiety. The user might feel lightheaded or dizzy and experience fatigue. These drugs can be addictive when abused and lead to such side effects as hallucinations, muscle twitches and, in extreme cases, death.
Codeine itself is Schedule II, but when it is mixed with other painkillers in the form of a tablet, it is a Schedule III CDS. Codeine is an opiate that is meant to reduce or stop a patient from coughing. Its side effects can be nausea or drowsiness. It can be addictive, but the side effects are generally not life-threatening and can be anything from hives to swelling in the face.
Valium is used to treat anxiety and nervousness. Those who abuse the drug might crush it and sniff it through the nose. It is known to increase sociability, raise the user's mood, lower inhibition and treat insomnia. Tolerance will increase with extended use and this is highly addictive. Stopping abruptly after long-term use can cause seizures and coma.
Other drugs such as Ketamine, Xanax, Xyrem (which contains GHB) and Morphine are also listed under Schedule III.

Contact an Attorney About Schedule III Drug Charges

While the above discussed drugs are legal when prescribed by a doctor, they are still commonly abused and sold under dubious means. Depending on the amount of these drugs a person possesses, he or she might be charged with a litany of crimes under New Jersey law that can lead to significant fines and jail time if it is determined that the individual was selling and distributing them. Having the wrong legal advice can be devastating.
If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime related to a CDS that is listed under Schedule III in New Jersey, you need to contact an attorney. The firm of Villani & DeLuca of Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey is an experienced legal firm with a vast understanding of New Jersey drug scheduling and CDS laws. Whether the arrest took place in Monmouth County, Ocean County, or in the town of Toms River, Long Branch, Belmar, Red Bank, Brick or Asbury Park, Villani & DeLuca attorneys can assist you. Call today to speak to an attorney to discuss your case.

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