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Union Beach Borough Municipal Court

Union Beach Municipal Court Address

650 Poole Avenue

Union Beach, NJ 07735

Phone Number: (732) 264-9098

Fax Number: (732) 264-5098

Union Beach Municipal Court Judge and Staff

The judge presiding over the Union Beach Municipal Court is the Honorable Richard B. Thompson.  The Certified Municipal Court Administrator is Tracey Darby.  The Union Beach Municipal Court Prosecutor is Gerald Massell, Esq.

Union Beach Court Days, Sessions & Hours

The Union Beach Municipal Court office hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and court sessions are typically held on the first and third Wednesday of every month beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Paying Tickets & Fines at Union Beach Municipal Court

The Union Beach Municipal Court does not accept any credit cards for payment at this time.  Fines may be paid at the Court but only in the form of cash, money order or personal check made payable to Union Beach Municipal Court.  For certain traffic summonses, you may make a credit card or debit card payment online at  The Union Beach Municipal Court ID is 1350.

When You're Required to Appear in Union Beach Court

You are required to appear at Union Beach Municipal Court if you are charged in a criminal matter or charged with a drunk driving offense.  Additionally, if the “court appearance required” box is checked on your summons, you must appear in court at the time and place indicated, even if you wish to plead guilty.

Your Appearance at the Union Beach Municipal Court

If you are appearing in court, it is very important that you arrive early on the date required and bring all relevant documentation with you.  There will be free parking available to you at the courthouse.  The Union Beach Municipal Court is located in the same building as the Union Beach Police Department.
Once inside the building, the police window will be on your left and straight in front of you will be the Court Administrator's Office.  There will be signs directing you to the courtroom.  Once in the courtroom, you should turn off or silence your cell phone and/or your pager.

Order Cases are Heard at Union Beach Municipal Court

The court typically hears cases in a particular order.  Individuals pleading not guilty pro se (without an attorney) are usually heard last.  It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced Union Beach Municipal Court lawyer to represent you in your defense if you want to be heard faster.

Matters Heard at the Union Beach Municipal Court

In New Jersey, minor criminal offenses, such as trespassing and shoplifting, are known as non-indictable disorderly persons offenses.  The Union Beach Municipal Court processes complaints filed against individuals who have been charged with these disorderly persons offenses, traffic violations or local ordinance violations.
Charges that are more serious, indictable charges, are filed initially with the Municipal Court but then forwarded to the Office of the Monmouth County Prosecutor.  It is then determined whether those cases will be resolved at the county level or downgraded and returned for resolution to Union Beach Municipal Court.

Experienced Union Beach, NJ Lawyers

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About Union Beach, New Jersey

Union Beach is a borough in Monmouth County, New Jersey with a population of 6,245.  The borough is a part of the Bayshore Regional Strategic Plan, which is an effort by 9 municipalities in northern Monmouth County to try to reinvigorate the area's economy by focusing on the traditional downtown areas, dense residential neighborhoods, maritime history and the natural beauty of the Raritan Bayshore Coastline.

Directions to Union Beach Municipal Court

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