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Prostitution Offenses Don't Always Require a Completed Sexual Act

Prostitution Lawyer

A person commits the offense of prostitution if he or she engages in or promotes prostitution. Prostitution is defined as “sexual activity with another person in exchange for something of economic value”. Also included is the offer or acceptance of an offer to engage in such activity, as the completed performance of sexual activity is not required. Similarly, one is guilty of a disorderly persons offense if he or she wanders or remains in a public place with the purpose of engaging in or promoting prostitution.

Promoting Prostitution Carries Harsher Penalties

As with most criminal offenses, the grading of prostitution varies depending on the circumstances of each case. Prostitution offenses range from second to fourth degree crimes in New Jersey, with acts involving children under the age of 18 being the most severe. Yet, the act of engaging in prostitution with another adult is classified as a disorderly persons offense. Each subsequent conviction for prostitution, however, is a fourth degree crime.

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