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New Jersey Bus Accident Lawyer

New Jersey Bus Accident Statistics

As a result of the ever increasing congestion and population throughout the state of New Jersey, more and more individuals are using public transportation to commute to and from work and vacation destinations along the Jersey Shore.  In fact, New Jersey Transit operates over 2,000 buses across 90,000,000 miles annually.

In addition to the tremendous number of New Jersey Transit buses operating throughout the state, school buses are quite common as well.  Approximately 25,000,000 elementary and secondary school children take the bus twice a day to and from school.  Over 12,000 of these children are injured each year in school bus accidents.  In the last ten years, there were approximately 60,000 bus crashes in the Unites States.

Liability for Bus Accident Injuries

Commuter bus accidents and school bus accidents can result in serious bodily injury.  In the event of a bus accident, depending on the specific facts of your case, various individuals or entities may be held responsible.  Those entities include, but are not limited to, the bus driver, tour bus operator, the bus maintenance company and the bus company itself, who has a duty to make sure that the individuals who travel with them are transported safely.

New Jersey Bus Companies

In addition to New Jersey Transit, there are a number of private bus carriers that offer services throughout New Jersey.  Some private carriers include Academy Lines, Greyhound Lines, Susquehanna Trails, Martz Trailways, Lakeland Bus Lines, Carefree Bus Lines, Hampton Luxury Liner, Trolley Tours, Stouts Charter Service, Karapf Coaches, Classic Tours and Safety Bus Service.

A number, if not all, of the above-listed carriers routinely transport individuals to Atlantic City.  Atlantic City is a seaside resort in New Jersey that hosts approximately 30,000,000 visitors each year, offering casino gaming, world class entertainment, night life and numerous restaurants.  Charter buses are the most common means of transportation for individuals to travel to the various attractions in Atlantic City.

New Jersey Bus Accident Law Firm

In the event that you are injured as a result of a bus accident while in New Jersey, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your pain and suffering, cost of medical treatment, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity and long term medical costs.  It is important that the attorney you retain is experienced and capable of dealing with lawsuits associated with bus accidents.

The New Jersey Bus Accident Lawyers at Villani & DeLuca often retain investigators and experts to investigate the causes of a bus crash.  An investigator or expert can be sent to the location of the bus crash to take photographs of the scene, interview witnesses and make sure a thorough investigation is made prior to filing a Complaint on your behalf.  The attorneys at Villani & DeLuca have a long history of successfully helping accident victims get the compensation that they deserve.  If you would like a free consultation, please contact our office today to speak with a New Jersey Bus Accident Lawyer about your NJ bus accident.

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