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Criminal Mischief

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Criminal Mischief Lawyer

The charge of criminal mischief can arise from a wide variety of circumstances. Police in Ocean County and Monmouth County frequently charge individuals with criminal mischief for committing acts such as:

  • Mounting or jumping on a car or truck
  • Throwing objects at passing cars or at buildings
  • Damaging property
  • Damaging rented property (this frequently arises with regard to rented shore houses)
  • Damaging a street sign or other public signage
  • Damaging headstones or other property on the grounds of a cemetery
  • Damaging property of public utilities

Penalties for Criminal Mischief Vary

The severity of a criminal mischief charge is related to the value of the property and the type of property destroyed or damaged. For example, if you cause damage to property that has a value in excess of $2,000.00, you will be charged with a third degree crime. If you cause damage to property that has a value in excess of $500.00, but not greater than $2,000.00, you will be charged with a fourth degree crime. Damage to property valued at $500.00 or less results in a disorderly person offense.  The specific facts and circumstances of your case will determine what degree of crime you are charged with.
The penalties for criminal mischief are serious and varied. You may be facing prison time, substantial fines, and an order to make restitution.  A conviction for criminal mischief can affect your ability to obtain employment or remain employed.  For example, if you are either employed or intend on becoming employed as a teacher or employee of a public school system in regular contact with pupils, a conviction for criminal mischief will result in your inability to obtain or retain employment as this charge is a “disqualifying” offense barring an individual from employment within a public school system.  (New Jersey Statute 18A:6-7.1).

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