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New Jersey Defensive Driving Courses

Although not mandated by law, a defensive driving course can help reduce the likelihood of an accident due to adverse conditions or driver error.  Besides the personal benefits of taking a course discussed below, defensive driving techniques are valuable in keeping the roadways safe, ultimately saving lives.

How Many Points is My NJ Traffic Violation Worth?

Not every driving offense is associated with points.  Check out our page that outlines the points assigned to New Jersey traffic violations to find out how many points you will be assessed against your driving record.  Points can be accrued from driving offenses committed in other states.

The Benefits of Completing a Defensive Driving Class


Lower Motor Vehicle Points on Your License:

Points on your driver's license can lead to higher car insurance rates, increasing your financial burden.  Besides the monetary fines, accruing points on your driving record can result in other costly consequences.  In New Jersey, if you obtain 6 points or more within 3 years, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will impose a fine of $150, plus $25 for each point.  Even worse, your driving privileges will be suspended if you have 12 or more points.

It is important to take steps toward removing points from your license as soon as possible.  A defensive driving course can have personal and financial benefits, such as a reduction of two points on your New Jersey driver's license.  Classes can be taken at one of the state-approved defensive driving course providers listed on the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website.  If your schedule doesn't permit time to attend one of those classes, defensive driving courses can be completed online through approved companies like New Jersey State Defensive Driving.  It is imperative to choose an approved course provider, since this is the only way to obtain credits for the removal of points from your license.  The cost of a typical defensive driving course offered in New Jersey usually ranges from $15 to $30.

Lower Your Insurance Rates:

Another benefit to completing a defensive driving course is a possible reduction in your car insurance rate.  You must contact your insurance company to verify their discount policy, but many providers offer a discount of up to 10% for 3 years, which can result in significant savings.  However, an insurance discount is not guaranteed, since your insurance provider reserves the right to not factor point deductions into your insurance premiums.

When Should I Enroll in a NJ Defensive Driving Course?

You can receive a 2 point reduction only once every 5 years.  It is important to note that you must have points on your record at the time that you complete your course.  This policy applies only to points on your New Jersey driver's license; traffic tickets will not be dismissed due to the completion of a defensive driving course.

What Topics are Covered in a Defensive Driving Course?

Defensive driving courses are designed to assist in reducing potential accidents, driving hazards, and provide a clear understanding of New Jersey driving laws.  Some topics covered in a defensive driving course are traffic collisions, psychological factors such as stress and road rage, crash prevention techniques and how substances such as drugs and alcohol affect your driving skills.
After the course is completed, a 25 question final exam must be taken.  To pass the final exam a person must provide a correct answer for 80% of the questions.  Each person is given 3 attempts to achieve 80% or higher.  If an 80% is not achieved within the 3 attempts, the student has to retake the course.

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