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NJ Simple Assault Charges

NJ Simple Assault Charges

If you have been hit with simple assault charges in NJ, there are many things a qualified and experienced criminal attorney can do to help you. At the law offices of Villani & DeLuca PC we are here to help. Our lawyers are here to immediately help you with any assault charge, including: simple assault, aggravated assault, assault on a police officer, or assault with an automobile. Please contact our firm so you and your family can begin building a strong defense against your NJ simple assault charges.

What is Assault Under NJ Law?

According to New Jersey law, there are several ways in which a person can commit the offense of simple assault. An offender can commit an assault on another by purposely causing bodily injury to a victim, causing bodily injury to a victim by negligently using a deadly weapon or by attempting to put fear of serious bodily injury in a victim.

Different Types of Assault Charges

The least severe assault charge is considered a petty disorderly persons offense, when two people assault one another in a consensual fight. Other instances of simple assault are disorderly persons offenses (often called misdemeanors) and occur in one of the three ways described above, and outlined in N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(a).
The more severe type of assault charge is considered aggravated assault, charged under statute N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b). There are several instances in which the charge could be upgraded to an aggravated assault charge. Factors the court will consider include the amount of damage done to the victim, whether the victim is a police officer, firefighter or school board employee. This is considered a more severe charge and carries a longer imprisonment sentence and larger fine.

Defense Strategies for NJ Simple Assault Charges

Our lawyers at Villani & DeLuca can organize several strategies to help prepare the best defense for you. The best defense is often to file a motion to dismiss the case. If the victim's injuries are not significant or the prosecution has not created a good case, the court can dismiss the case. Another options for the defense would be to file a motion to suppress the evidence. Since every case is different, make sure to contact our law offices to speak to an attorney about the specific facts of your case.

Sentencing for Simple Assault Charges

For a simple assault charge as with any disorderly persons offense in New Jersey the maximum jail time is a defendant can serve is (6) six months. The maximum amount of fine for this disorderly persons offense is $1,000. The court could also order the offender to pay court costs and financial compensation for the victim. Even after the approved sentence, the court could issue the offender a probationary term. In some cases, the judge will issue an order of no contact, stating that the offender is not to contact or speak to the victim of the assault. A mutual fight can be considered a petty disorderly persons offense which would have a maximum possible period of jail at 30 days and the Max fine $500.00. 

Hire a NJ Criminal Lawyer to Defend Your Simple Assault Charge

In order to ensure the best defense for you, you should contact an experienced lawyer. At Villani & DeLuca we have experienced and qualified lawyers here to help you with all your legal troubles. The criminal attorneys defend clients charged with different levels of assault throughout New Jersey.  Call today for a free initial consultation.

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