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How to Check a Criminal Record in NJ

What is Included in a Criminal Background Check?

Criminal records are restricted and unavailable to the general public.  An individual in New Jersey can request his or her personal criminal records, but not those of a third party.  Criminal records include all convictions, both adult and juvenile, all pending arrests and pending charges.

Who Can Check My Criminal Background?

Under New Jersey law N.J.A.C. 13:59-1, the New Jersey State Police State Bureau of Identification (SBI) is authorized to publish a person's criminal record.  Specifically, records of convictions in New Jersey state courts, pending arrests and charges for NJ law violations may be obtained, provided the records have not been expunged.  For more information on getting a criminal record expunged, contact the experienced criminal law attorneys at Villani & DeLuca.
The following people may request a copy of a person's criminal record in New Jersey under the circumstances outlined below:

  • NJ governmental entities, the federal government or any other state for a governmental purpose;
  • A person or non-governmental entity of any state, for the purpose of determining an individual's qualifications for employment, volunteer work or other service;
  • Licensed attorneys, for use in any contested matters docketed in any state, federal court or state administrative agency;
  • Licensed private detectives, for the purposes of obtaining information in the furtherance of the performance of their statutorily authorized functions under N.J.S.A. 45:19-9(a);
  • A person, for the purpose of a personal record request.

Steps to Requesting a NJ Criminal Record Check

Arrest Fingerprints

If you are interested in receiving a copy of your criminal record in New Jersey for personal use, you may do so using the background check form created by the New Jersey State Police and schedule an appointment to get fingerprinted with Morpho Trak.  You can schedule your fingerprint appointment online or by calling (732) 709-7757.  Once you've made your appointment, you must bring your completed form and proper identification with you on your scheduled date and time.
Payment in the amount of $41.00 is required to obtain a copy of your NJ criminal background.  Acceptable methods of payment include credit card, electronic check or money order, and payment is made at the time you schedule your appointment with Morpho Trak.  Upon completion of your fingerprinting and submission of all required information, your criminal record will be mailed to the home address you provided.
If you are requesting a copy of your criminal background for other reasons, such as for employment or volunteer background checks, you may be required to submit a different form.  Please check with the New Jersey Criminal History Records Checks website for more information.

Can I Get a Copy of My NJ Criminal Record if I am a Non-Resident?

If you have a record of any convictions, ordinance violations or arrests in the state of New Jersey but you are no longer or were never a resident of New Jersey, you can also submit a request for a copy of your criminal record.  To complete a background check in NJ, you will need to call the New Jersey State Police at (609) 882-2000 ext. 2918.  The Criminal Information Unit will supply you with the full instructions and other materials needed to perform your background check by mail.

Contact a NJ Criminal Lawyer to Get Your Criminal Record Erased

A criminal record may have serious lifetime consequences.  If you have a criminal conviction, an arrest not resulting in conviction or a prior law violation in New Jersey that you wish to have removed from your record, call the criminal lawyers at Villani & DeLuca to discuss the possibility of an expungement.  Our criminal attorneys offer free initial consultations, in which your case will be evaluated and your options assessed.  Call today for help in cleaning up your criminal record.

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