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It's every parent's nightmare – receiving that call in the middle of the night from the police station telling you that your child has been arrested. This is a pivotal moment in your child's life and you can't afford to take chances with how you handle it. Hiring an experienced NJ juvenile criminal defense attorney is critical to your child's future. Contact the legal team at Villani & DeLuca today to protect your child from the harsh realities and lessons of the NJ juvenile court system.

If you are thinking that “a little community service will be good for them” and will help them learn a lesson, think again. A seemingly minor charge as a juvenile can have long-lasting consequences for your child, including rejections from colleges and an inability to find employment. Contrary to popular belief, juvenile records are not automatically erased once the juvenile reaches maturity and can, in fact, become a part of a permanent criminal record. The crime needs to be expunged in court in order to disappear. Give your child a fighting chance by hiring a seasoned New Jersey juvenile defense lawyer.

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Every minor (person under 18 years of age) charged with a major crime in New Jersey is legally required to have representation by an attorney. Don't let the courts assign counsel to your child. Seek out the juvenile defense law firm of Villani & DeLuca to provide your son or daughter with a smart, aggressive defense.

With experience defending New Jersey teenagers since 1996, the criminal defense firm of Villani & DeLuca will leverage decades of working in the juvenile Family Court system to craft the best defense for your child. Juvenile law is significantly different than adult law and partner Carmine Villani, Esq. is familiar with the intricacies and complexities of the Juvenile Justice System. He will work hard to ensure that your child is tried as a juvenile and not as an adult, and receives a sentence focused on rehabilitation, rather than punishment.

Juvenile Criminal Law in New Jersey

Historically, juvenile courts have prioritized rehabilitation over punishment, but that has been changing in recent years. Courts are becoming less tolerant and quicker to punish – which makes representation by a quality NJ juvenile defense attorney all the more imperative.

Juvenile court differs in a few important ways from adult court. Minors are not tried in front of a jury, but in front of a judge. The judge is part of the Juvenile Family Court system, not the traditional criminal court or New Jersey Superior Court. In juvenile court, if a minor is adjudicated delinquent, or found guilty, a combination of many penalties may be enforced. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the judge may send the case to a Juvenile Conference Committee, require probation, community service, jail time, a training school or juvenile detention center, fines or loss of license.

Some judges may offer deferred disposition, where the juvenile must obey all court orders, stay out of legal trouble during a preassigned length of time. If the child has demonstrated growth during the period, the judge may dismiss the charges against them. The most severe crimes may warrant intensive supervision or enrollment in a residential program or youth correctional facility.

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Whether your child is charged with drug distribution or possession, theft, bullying, sexual offenses, trespassing, criminal mischief, or underage drinking, the damage to their lives can be permanent. Hire the right New Jersey juvenile lawyer to protect them in court. Call the law offices of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. today at (732) 709-7757 to get the legal advice you and your child need. We offer a no obligation, free initial consultation to review your case and help assess your needs. Take action now. Your child needs you.

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