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Aggravated Assault

How is Aggravated Assault Different from Simple Assault?

Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Some distinguishing elements of an aggravated assault charge include the purposeful causation of, or attempt to cause, serious bodily injury to another, or the cause of bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon in a purposeful or reckless manner. If found guilty of aggravated assault, one is convicted of an indictable criminal offense (also referred to as a felony in other states), ranging from the second to the fourth degree.
Two types of aggravated assault include:

Factors Advancing Simple Assault to Aggravated Assault

The difference between simple and aggravated assault is more than just a word. While simple assault is a disorderly persons offense, if you are facing an aggravated assault charge, you may have higher fines and jail time in your future. Factors that may advance a simple assault to an aggravated assault charge include:

  • Whether a weapon was used
  • If a weapon was used, what type of weapon it was
  • What the victim was doing when the assault took place
  • The level of injury to the victim
  • The presence of witnesses who may have been negatively affected by witnessing the assault
  • The ages of any such witnesses
  • Where the assault took place
  • The employment of the victim at the time of the assault

An Aggravated Assault Conviction can Hurt your Employment Opportunities

An aggravated assault charge can have a very harmful effect on your future. For example, if you are either employed or intend on becoming employed as a teacher or employee of a public school system in regular contact with students, a conviction for aggravated assault will result in your inability to obtain or retain employment as this charge is a “disqualifying” offense barring an individual from employment within a public school system.

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