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Drug Recognition Evaluation / DRE Lawyer in NJ

Why a (DRE) Drug Recognition Trained Lawyer is Important

NJ DWI Lawyer DRE Training Certificate

A drug recognition evaluation is the procedure used by drug recognition experts to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  The drug recognition evaluation process is based on a set of observable signs and symptoms known to be indications of drug impairment.  An officer with proper DRE training will evaluate the driver's appearance, behavior, eyes, vital signs and performance on field sobriety tests in their totality when evaluating a driver's condition.
The drug recognition process is standardized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Drug recognition testing is meant to be conducted the same way, by every drug recognition expert, for every DWI/DUI suspect.  Standardization of the DRE procedure is important to avoid errors, promote professionalism among DRE officers and secure acceptance in court.
While police officers throughout New Jersey rely on certain signs that indicate a suspect's intoxication, some of these signs are subject to questioning by a DWI defense lawyer.  A properly DRE trained attorney is aware of the standards that are to be used when evaluating a driver suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  He or she will use this knowledge to better fight your DWI, DUI or refusal charge in court.

What Does a Drug Recognition Evaluation Entail?

A DRE exam evaluates a drunk driving suspect to determine whether he or she is impaired by either alcohol or drugs.  If it is deemed to be drugs, the DRE expert uses methods of examination to determine the category or combination of drugs that are likely to be causing the driver's impairment.  This systematic process is based on a set of observable signs and symptoms known to be reliable indicators of drug impairment.

A Trained DRE Lawyer is Crucial for Your DWI Defense!

As DRE arrests are growing throughout New Jersey and nationwide, it is crucial that DWI lawyers are knowledgeable of the current DRE procedures, training curriculum and methods to challenge such evidence.  In addition to other essential Alcotest breath test training and certification in standardized field sobriety testing, Villani & DeLuca DWI lawyer, Carmine Villani, has been trained on the proper evaluation of a drunk driving case when the evidence is based on a drug recognition expert (DRE) evaluation.
Mr. Villani has received DRE training on the most up-to-date NHTSA DRE training curriculum and protocols, and the medical and scientific basis to properly evaluate DRE test administration and driver performance.  As part of Mr. Villani's training, he has been educated on the proper vital sign and eye exams conducted by DRE officers, such as the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN), vertical nystagmus test (VGN) and pupil reaction to light.

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New Jersey DWI defense attorney Carmine R. Villani, Esq. has been trained on how to evaluate a driver for drug recognition and how to challenge a police officer's opinions in a DWI case based on drug recognition.  It is important to call an attorney with DRE training if you have been charged with DUI, DWI or refusal in Ocean County or Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Call (732) 709-7757 for your free initial DWI consultation with a drug recognition trained lawyer today!

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