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NJ Property Destruction Laws

We have gathered the following New Jersey laws and statutes governing property destruction offenses for you.  Acts resulting in injury or damage to another's property may be a disorderly persons offense or crime under the New Jersey Criminal Code under one of these laws.  The statutes provided below are meant only to serve as general information.  If you have been charged under one of the following statutes, please contact Villani & DeLuca, P.C. at (732) 709-7757 for a free consultation.

Property Destruction Laws in NJ:

  • 2C:17-1.  Arson. – Aggravated arson is the act of starting a fire or causing an explosion with the intent of causing damaging a structure, or placing another person in danger of death or bodily harm.  Arson is a second, third or fourth degree crime, depending on the offender's actions and resulting consequences. 
  • 2C:17-2.  Causing or risking widespread injury or damage. – Widespread injury or damage is defined as serious bodily injury to at least five people, or damage to 5 or more units in a building which is normally occupied by at least 25 people.  The act of causing widespread injury or damage is a fourth, third or second degree crime, depending on the offender's actions and the resulting damage.  
  • 2C:17-3.  Criminal mischief. – Criminal mischief refers to the intentional or reckless damage of another person's property by the use of dangerous means such as fire or explosives. Criminal mischief is a fourth or third degree crime, depending on the circumstances of the act and the amount of damage.

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