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Collaborative Divorce in NJ

Collaborative divorce in NJ is a divorce settlement process that offers an alternative to the litigation of traditional divorces. In a collaborative divorce, both spouses sign off on their commitment to voluntarily employ collaborative law, engage in flexible negotiations, and keep the divorce process non-adversarial. Divorcing spouses enter into collaborative divorce with the professional legal counsel of their respective collaborative attorneys to reach mutually acceptable divorce terms while avoiding the contentiousness that plagues many divorces. If you are interested in learning more or are ready to move toward a collaborative divorce, don't wait to reach out to an experienced New Jersey collaborative divorce attorney today.

How Does the Collaborative Process Work in NJ?

If you and your divorcing spouse are interested in a collaborative divorce, you'll each hire collaboratively trained attorneys (who will fill the role that a divorce lawyer or family law attorney would in a traditional divorce) to begin. From here, you and your soon-to-be-ex will meet with a divorce coach (chosen specifically for your case – based on the issues at hand). Your divorce coach will be a specially trained mental health professional who will help both of you focus on navigating the emotional journey forward while preserving family relationships to the best of your ability.

The Crux of the Matter

The idea is to train your sights on the future – rather than dwelling on past hurts. You, your divorcing spouse, and your respective collaborative professionals will meet as frequently as necessary to resolve the outstanding terms of your divorce. 

Your Attorney's Role

Your respective collaborative attorneys will commit to representing each of you throughout the negotiation process – in pursuit of a settlement agreement. If, however, either of you decides to file any divorce papers (other than those necessary to obtain an uncontested New Jersey divorce), your collaborative lawyer will withdraw from your case. Limiting their legal representation in this way allows collaborative divorce attorneys to focus their efforts on effecting collaborations – rather than on casting their sights on strategies for potential divorce litigation down the road. 

How Much Does a Collaborative New Jersey Divorce Cost?

Every divorce – whether collaborative or not – follows its own path, but the fact is that the collaborative process is often less expensive than a traditional divorce – and far less expensive than divorce litigation. In addition to the financial savings, a collaborative divorce can afford all the following:

  • Less overall conflict
  • A swifter process
  • Increased control over important decisions related to child custody, the division of marital property, and more

The value inherent to a collaborative divorce can be difficult to overstate. 

Your Collaborative Divorce Team

Your collaborative divorce will be unique to your family, and so will your collaborative divorce team. In addition to you, your spouse, your respective collaborative divorce lawyers, and your divorce coach, you will likely hire professionals in the fields in which your divorce terms are stalled. For example, if your divorce involves complicated financials, you'll likely collaborate on choosing a financial advisor (sharing the cost between you), and in turn, the professionals you hire jointly will commit to not serving as witnesses for either of you if your divorce does proceed to litigation. Further, any reports they create will be inadmissible in divorce court. 

What Are the Main Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce?

The primary benefit of a collaborative divorce is that the process focuses on preserving the peace in your family and protecting your children from the emotional scarring inherent to contentious divorces. Further, your collaborative divorce team will include the professional guidance of your divorce coach, financial advisors, child specialists, and your respective collaborative divorce attorneys – setting you up to negotiate terms that protect your financial and parental rights while respecting your family's past and building a path toward a happy and healthy future. You'll have the benefit of considerable legal advice and professional guidance. Still, you and your divorcing spouse will retain the ability to make the important decisions that affect you and your family between yourselves, which many divorcing couples consider invaluable. 

Turn to an Experienced Collaborative New Jersey Divorce Attorney for the Legal Guidance You Need

A collaborative divorce is a worthy pursuit, and the trusted New Jersey collaborative divorce lawyers at Villani & DeLuca, P.C., are committed to helping you protect your family and your legal rights in pursuit of a divorce that does not become contentious and that serves as a bridge into you and your children's brightest future. We have a wealth of impressive experience helping clients like you obtain collaborative divorces that work for them, and we're here for you too. To learn more, please don't wait to contact or call us at 732-709-7757 to schedule your free legal consultation today.

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