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Harvey Cedars Borough Municipal Court

Harvey Cedars Borough Municipal Court Address

7606 Long Beach Blvd.

P.O. Box 3185

Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008

Phone Number: (609) 494-9062

Fax Number: (609) 494-7213

Harvey Cedars Municipal Court Judge and Staff

The Honorable Frank Salzer is the current judge presiding over the Harvey Cedars Borough Municipal Court and the Court Administrator is Barbara Courts.  The Harvey Cedars Borough Municipal Court Prosecutor is Steven Zabarsky, Esq.

The Harvey Cedars Municipal Court is in session on the first Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m.  The Court Administrator's hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

What to Expect on Your Day at Harvey Cedars Court

Upon arrival at the Harvey Cedars Municipal Court, all persons entering the building must pass through a metal detector. The court's procedure is for defendants, or their attorneys, to meet with the borough prosecutor before the court session. Therefore, you must arrive to court early on the date listed on your ticket, summons, subpoena or court notice, and bring all of your documentation with you.

The court will hear cases in a certain order, and those pleading not guilty without an attorney are heard last.  If you want to be heard faster, it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced Harvey Cedars Borough Municipal Court lawyer to represent you.  If you have not met with the prosecutor, your name will be called at the end of the session.

How Do I Know if I Have to go to Court?

If “court appearance required” is checked on your summons, you must appear in court at the time and date listed, even if you are going to plead guilty.  A court appearance is required for most criminal matters and DWI charges.  If your summons requires you to go to court and you do not appear in court on the date indicated, you must immediately call the court office to reschedule or a Failure to Appear notice will be issued, and an arrest warrant may be generated.

Payment of Fines in Harvey Cedars, NJ

Currently, fines owed to Harvey Cedars Borough Municipal Court cannot be paid by credit card. The court will accept cash, check, cashier's check or money order.  Payments for traffic ticket fines may be made by credit card online at  The Harvey Cedars Court ID is 1509.

Harvey Cedar Court Amenities

There is ample free parking at the Harvey Cedars Borough Municipal Court and handicapped-access bathrooms can be found on the courtroom level.

Experienced Harvey Cedars Borough Lawyers

If you need an experienced lawyer in Harvey Cedars, NJ consider the experienced lawyers at Villani & DeLuca P.C.  We offer free, no obligation phone consultations to help resolve your legal issues.  Call a Harvey Cedars Municipal Court attorney at (732) 709-7757 today!

About Harvey Cedars Borough

Harvey Cedars is a tiny borough located along the barrier island of Long Beach Island, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, and part of the Atlantic Coast region of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. It has a land area smaller than half a square mile and has fewer than 400 year-round residents. It's a popular tourist destination with a much higher seasonal population.

Harvey Cedars has a long maritime history, starting with whaling in the mid 1600's. The tourist industry started in earnest in the 1900's, and the borough has recovered several times from devastation from major hurricanes in 1944, 1962 and now Sandy. 

Directions to Harvey Cedars Municipal Court

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