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New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction Accident Statistics

The construction field is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. In the United States alone there were over 1,200 fatal occupational injuries involving construction sites in 2001. The construction industry accounts for 1 out of every 4 work place deaths, according to the Occupational Health Safety Administration. One of the problems with construction sites is that they consistently present a changing work environment.

Common Construction Injuries 

Some of the most common types of construction accidents include injuries caused by heavy equipment, building collapse, fires, falling objects, forklift or crane accidents, malfunctioning equipment, and falls from scaffolds, ladders or roofs.

The New Jersey construction industry is one of the most active in the country, ranging from casino construction in Atlantic City to continued residential developments throughout the State. Without question, construction workers place their lives on the line each and every day. In the unfortunate event that they do suffer injuries or illnesses in the course of performing their job, they have the right to take legal recourse to obtain compensation for their injuries.

New Jersey Construction Accident Laws

Injures that take place at construction sites can involve numerous types of regulations and various laws at both the federal and state level. Qualified New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers will understand how the various laws are interrelated and will be able to conduct the necessary investigation in order to ensure that the injured party's rights are adequately protected.

Sometimes the property owners, as well as the construction company supervising the construction, may be negligent in having caused the injury. Workers injured during the course of their employment may be covered by New Jersey workers' compensation laws. However, workers' compensation benefits are not adequate to replace lost earnings or provide monetary benefits for your pain and suffering. Most construction accidents entitle the injured party to receive both compensation benefits through their employer's insurance as well as instituting a suit against the entity or individual who may have caused or contributed to the injury.

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The attorneys at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. represent roofers, excavators, carpenters, electricians, laborers, heavy equipment operators, foremen and other construction workers who have suffered severe injuries from accidents on site. The New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers at Villani & DeLuca are proficient at identifying the negligent parties who can be held liable for damages in construction-related accidents in New Jersey.

In the unfortunate event that you have been injured in a construction accident, please contact the construction accidents attorneys at Villani & DeLuca today to schedule your free consultation to determine what your rights are with regard to the injuries you have suffered. We offer free, no obligation consultations for individuals in Ocean County or Monmouth County, New Jersey.

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