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Monmouth County Divorce Mediation

A great deal of Monmouth County, New Jersey residents are using mediation as their preferred method to obtain a divorce. The Mediation process provides an alternative option to costly divorce litigation. Mediation gives both parties involved in a divorce an opportunity to have their needs heard and discussed with a neutral party serving as the mediator. A couple that is trying to settle their divorce through mediation will remain in control of the outcome. Whereas a divorce that is litigated in court would be subject to the decisions of the judge and is handled in an adversarial setting. Mediation provides the parties with a forum to be reasonable and divide the assets of the marriage equitably. If the proposed terms are not satisfactory to either side, they can continue negotiating or decide to go forward with taking the case to court at a later date

Monmouth County Divorce Mediators

The law firm of Villani & DeLuca has five qualified Divorce Mediation attorneys ready to assist with Monmouth County divorce mediations. The firm is equipped to handle mediation cases either virtually or in person. Villani & DeLuca has several convenient office locations including a Monmouth County office in Red Bank, and regularly serves residents of Monmouth County towns including Wall, Freehold, Little Silver, Middletown, and Howell.

Monmouth County Divorce Mediation

Mr. DeLuca is frequently called upon by the Courts to assist in settling the most difficult Monmouth County divorce cases and he has successfully mediated over 1,000 divorce cases over the span of his career.  Divorce mediation is a fast, inexpensive, non-adversarial way in which to navigate the divorce process.  Mr. DeLuca has been Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Divorce mediator.

Monmouth County Divorce Mediation Process

There are many advantages that a couple will find when they choose to go through divorce mediation to settle their differences as opposed to going to court. When a couple decides to take their dispute before a judge, they are going to have to spend a significant amount of money on legal fees with both sides hiring attorneys. The price of using one of our Monmouth County Mediation Lawyers will be substantially lower than what it would eventually cost both sides to pay two attorneys in a contested divorce.

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