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New Jersey Divorce Mediation

Getting divorced can be an emotionally and financially draining experience. New Jersey couples going through the divorce process face potentially lengthy, expensive stress-inducing divorce litigation that may involve trials and numerous court hearings. Thankfully, an alternative process does exist. The experienced team of New Jersey divorce mediators at the Villani & DeLuca law firm offer mediation services for those couples who wish to take a more cost-effective and faster route to navigate their divorce. Divorce mediation provides couples who are agreeable to having an open discussion regarding all facets of their divorce with the opportunity to reach an amicable resolution and settle their case without having to invest time and money into divorce litigation.  

What is New Jersey Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution wherein the mediator serves as a non-biased, neutral third-party facilitator for divorcing couples to flesh out and discuss all issues pertaining to their divorce. If the parties can communicate amicably and reach common ground regarding all the issues to be discussed in mediation, they may be divorced without ever having to engage in court proceedings. A divorce mediator may or may not be an attorney and does not represent either party or give the parties legal advice. While each party may choose to have an attorney present before, during, or after the mediation process, one or both parties can be self-represented if they so choose.  Mediation can sometimes be court-ordered as part of the litigation process to assist in the negotiation of specific issues such as custody or parenting time. A couple may also elect to engage in mediation from the onset of the divorce and seek out the services of a qualified mediator on their own prior to any paperwork being filed with the Court. Mediation allows couples to maintain ultimate control over how their divorce is settled and gives the couple an opportunity to choose the terms of their own divorce, whereas the Judges and courts have final decision-making power and control in litigated divorces.  

What Issues are Discussed in New Jersey Divorce Mediation?

Divorcing New Jersey couples have many issues to resolve and address before their divorce can be finalized. All issues related to a divorce are discussed in mediation, including but not limited to tangible and intangible martial assets, debts, real and personal property, retirement, child custody, child support, alimony, health insurance, etc.  Mediation can target specific issues that a couple may have difficulty reaching an agreement on, or it may serve as an overall method to settle a divorce in its entirety. When a couple sits down with a mediator, all the issues must be identified and sorted through so that they can be addressed and eventually resolved in a way both parties are satisfied with. The New Jersey divorce mediation team at Villani & DeLuca is comprised of family law attorneys who have successfully mediated hundreds of New Jersey divorce cases. 

Why Choose New Jersey Divorce Mediation?

Divorcing New Jersey couples can save time and money by utilizing New Jersey divorce mediation services. Divorce litigation can be costly, stressful, and time consuming. New Jersey divorce mediation provides a different route to obtain a divorce while giving couples the opportunity to resolve their case in an amicable manner where the needs and desires of both sides are heard. Contact the New Jersey divorce mediation team of lawyers at Villani & DeLuca today!

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