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Belmar Municipal Court

Belmar Municipal Court

Belmar Municipal Court Address

601 Main Street

P.O. Box A

Belmar, NJ 07719

Phone Number: (732) 681-3700

Fax Number: (732) 681-4728

Belmar Municipal Court Judge and Staff

The current judge presiding over the Belmar Municipal Court is the Honorable Dennis Lavender.  The present Court Administrator at the Belmar Municipal Court is Kathryn M. Garrecht.  The Belmar Municipal Court Prosecutor is Stephen G. Schueler.

Instructions for Attending Belmar Municipal Court

When you arrive at Belmar Municipal Court on your scheduled date and time, you will see a list for everyone scheduled for that day.  As long as your name appears on the list, you may proceed directly into the courtroom.  Roll call begins at the time appointed on your legal notice.  Please be sure that you turn off your cell phone before entering the courtroom.  There is also no eating, drinking or talking allowed while in the courtroom.  Anyone wishing to speak with the prosecutor will be instructed by the judge at the appropriate time.

Types of Payment Accepted at Belmar Municipal Court

After you have finalized your case in front of the judge, you should proceed to the payment window to take care of any fines and paperwork required.  Acceptable methods of payment at Belmar Municipal Court are cash, check or money order.  Credit card payment is only permitted when paying a fine online at the link below.  Payment by check or money order should be made payable to Belmar Municipal Court.

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Directions to Belmar Municipal Court

For step-by-step directions to the Belmar Municipal Court, click on the “Directions” link in the map below and enter your start address.

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