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Harassment Lawyer

Harassment is a versatile criminal charge that covers a variety of actions and behaviors under New Jersey law, some of which include:

  • Calling someone repeatedly on the telephone who does not want to receive such calls
  • Placing telephone calls at obviously inconvenient hours
  • Using offensively coarse language to communicate with another person or persons
  • Communicating with someone with the intent to cause alarm or annoyance, or in fact causing alarm or annoyance
  • Physical contact with another, such as shoving, kicking, or otherwise striking another person
  • Conducting a course of conduct that is deemed alarming

The charge of harassment in New Jersey is mostly classified as a petty disorderly persons offense, but calling the charge petty is misleading. If you plead guilty to a charge of harassment, you will have a permanent criminal record, with a conviction for a charge that sends up a red flag to prospective employers. You need to defend your charge by retaining an experienced NJ harassment attorney. Please note that our attorneys deal strictly with criminal harassment and do not take cases in other areas such as employment.
In New Jersey, persons charged with harassment must not communicate in any way with the alleged victim. Contacting the victim often results in the granting of a restraining order or additional charges being filed. Persons charged with harassment need to be cognizant of the fact that today's technology makes it easy for their communications to be recorded or videotaped without their knowledge. Such videotapes and recordings are obviously very damaging evidence against a party charged with harassment.

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