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Ocean Gate Borough Municipal Court

Ocean Gate Municipal Court Address

801 Ocean Gate Avenue

Ocean Gate, NJ 08740

Phone Number: (732) 269-3166

Fax Number: (732) 269-1561

Municipal Judge and Court Staff for Ocean Gate

Ocean Gate Municipal Court is presided by Judge Stacy D. Kerr. Stephen Zabrasky is the Municipal Prosecutor, and Benjamin Mabie is the Public Defender. The court's administrative duties are handled by Acting Court Administrator Sandra Brodbeck and Deputy Court Administrator Debbie Martocci.  Ocean Gate Municipal Court hears cases on the third Wednesday of the month, starting at 3:00 p.m.

Understanding Your Ocean Gate Municipal Court Summons

Certain traffic and non-traffic summonses do not require a court appearance, and the “court appearance required” box on your summons will not be checked. This means that if you wish to enter in a guilty plea, you can pay the fine amount directly to the court.
Cash, check or money order payments can be made in person at the Ocean Gate Municipal Court. You may also mail your payment to the court, but it must be in the form of check or money order. Online payments can be made by credit or debit card for parking and traffic tickets at the NJMC Direct website at

Required Court Appearances at the Ocean Gate Municipal Court

The state of New Jersey requires court appearances for all criminal charges. However, some non-criminal charges, such as DWI's, also require a court appearance. Whether or not you need to come to court will be made clear on your summons, on which the “court appearance required” box will be checked.
It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced Ocean Gate attorney for your court hearing. An attorney can advise you of your rights, and give you valuable legal advice to help you resolve your case. Also, keep in mind that cases in which the defendant is pleading not guilty without the help of a lawyer are usually heard last in New Jersey municipal courts. Thus, having an attorney generally means that your case will be heard faster.

How Else Can an Ocean Gate Attorney Help You?

Your Ocean Gate attorney may be able to resolve your legal issues even before the trial date. For instance, your attorney can speak to the prosecutor before the trial if you wish to try for a plea agreement. Since New Jersey law states that you do not have to speak to the prosecutor, it is advisable to let an attorney handle the negotiations on your behalf. Working with an attorney will also allow for a postponement of your hearing so that you can put together the best defense possible.

Experienced Ocean Gate Municipal Court Lawyers

If you're in need of an experienced municipal court attorney in the Borough of Ocean Gate, consider Villani & DeLuca. Our lawyers offer free consultations, and will work with you to resolve your legal issues. Call (732) 709-7757 to speak to an Ocean Gate lawyer today!

Directions to Ocean Gate Municipal Court

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