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New Jersey Divorce Mediator

New Jersey divorce mediation may be a preferred option for New Jersey couples looking to save time and money on their divorce. Mediation provides divorcing couples with an opportunity to sort through and settle their martial issues outside of the Courts. Child custody, alimony, the division of martial assets and child support are among the topics that can be settled through mediation. If a couple can reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce through mediation, they may never need to step foot in the court. Couples who elect to mediate their divorce maintain a level of control over the outcome of their divorce that is not always possible when going through more traditional litigated divorce procedures.  Mediation may not be the best option for couples who do not have the shared goal of settlement in their divorce. If a couple is extremely hostile and unwilling to sit down and have a civil discussion about their issues, they may be better off taking their case to the court and having their matter heard by a Judge.

Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation where couples discuss and negotiate with an unbiased, neutral divorce mediator and address their concerns and individual needs. The mediator takes both sides into consideration and assists the couple in reaching a settlement in which both parties are satisfied. At the end of mediation, the mediator releases an agreement where the agreed upon terms of the divorce are listed. Both parties in the divorce must agree on everything contained within the agreement before it is binding and eventually signed by the parties.  If the parties still cannot reach common ground after mediating, they can return to the courts.

Choosing The Right New Jersey Divorce Mediator

Not all New Jersey divorce mediators are equal, and it is important to engage a mediator who has extensive knowledge and experience with the intricacies of the New Jersey divorce laws. When considering which New Jersey divorce mediator to hire, it is integral to research his or her credentials and ensure that he or she is qualified for the job. A divorce mediator is not required to be an attorney, although many family law attorneys are also divorce mediators. An inexperienced mediator may be unaware of the various laws and have difficulty in successfully negotiating a divorce. Choosing the wrong New Jersey divorce mediator could end up having detrimental and costly consequences.  

Founding Partner of the law firm of Villani & DeLuca, P.C., Vincent C. DeLuca has served as a New Jersey divorce mediator for over two decades and has practiced family law for the entirety of his career. Mr. DeLuca has successfully mediated hundreds of New Jersey divorces and is regularly called upon by the New Jersey Courts as a court-appointed mediator. The New Jersey divorce mediators at the law firm of Villani & DeLuca are attorneys who have devoted the entirety of their practice to family law. If you are interested in taking the divorce mediation route, contact the New Jersey divorce mediators at Villani & DeLuca today for a free consultation.

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