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Caught Driving with a Suspended License for DWI, DUI or Refusal?

NJ DWI FAQ  |  See also:  NJ Criminal Defense FAQ

Q) What happens if I am caught driving with a suspended license for DWI, DUI or Refusal charges?

A) If you have had your license suspended due to a DWI, DUI or Refusal conviction and continue to drive, you will undoubtedly face even more repercussions if caught. If you are caught driving with a suspended license for DWI, DUI or refusals will extend the suspension period for an additional one to two years, plus you will go to jail for at least 10 and up to 90 days.  In addition, there will be a revocation of your vehicle registration, and significant fines and other penalties.  If there is an accident involved that causes bodily injury, you could face 45-180 days in jail. Other circumstances and multiple offenses can make this charge even more serious.
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