What You Need to Know About Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

A Cost Effective and Civilized Way of Divorcing

The divorce mediation process in one of the most cost effective and civilized ways within which the parties can resolve their marital difficulties. As opposed to traditional divorce litigation, nothing is accomplished in divorce mediation unless both parties agree. Divorce mediation truly puts the issues of the family and children first and it ensures that the parties have the ability to have some say in how the process will be resolved. In divorce litigation a stranger, i.e. the Judge, if compelled to, will make decisions that will affect both parties and their children for the rest of their respective lives. The law firm of Villani & DeLuca has conducted hundreds of successful divorce mediations. Partner, Vincent C. DeLuca does not require an initial upfront retainer when conducting a preliminary mediation. You simply provide payment as services are rendered to you. Mr. DeLuca also routinely utilizes the services of certified financial planners, retired Judges, accountants, psychologists, divorce coaches, etc in helping his divorce mediation clients achieve their goal of an amicable and uncontested divorce proceeding. Divorce mediations are typically conducted at the mediator’s office, thereby sparing the parties of the formality associated with the litigation process. All litigation cases are dealt with at the appropriate County Courthouse.

Why Mr. DeLuca is Such an Effective Divorce Mediator

Most of the divorce mediations that Mr. DeLuca has handled are able to resolve themselves within three (3) to four (4) mediation session. After the mediations have been completed, Mr. DeLuca prepares a Memorandum of Understanding, which acts as a comprehensive outline confirming the parties tentative agreements. After the outline is prepared, Mr. DeLuca forwards same to the attorneys who have been retained by the respective litigant’s to finalize their divorce. The attorney’s will utilize Mr. DeLuca’s Memorandum of Understanding and incorporate same into a comprehensive settlement agreement, which will be utilized in Court when the divorce is finalized.

Call Villani & DeLuca with Your Divorce Questions

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