NJ Teen Killed During Dog Attack by Neighborhood Dog

1 Killed and 1 Injured in Paterson, NJ Dog Attack

Beware of DogOver the weekend, a thirteen-year-old boy was killed when a dog broke loose from its Paterson, NJ home and attacked him and another Passaic County teenager.  The other 13-year-old survived the attack by the 115 pound bull mastiff with a hand wound and was released from medical care.

When the two boys were attacked in the street, they both went running in opposite directions.  The 13-year-old who was killed in the attack was reported missing and authorities eventually found his body by the Passaic River’s edge.  The dog’s owner also suffered injuries while attempting to kill the dog after the attack occurred.  The dog was later humanely euthanized and is being sent to Trenton for rabies testing.

This unfortunate occurrence marked at least the second time this particular dog has attacked children, according to a neighbor and retired Paterson police officer.

Be Aware of the Dogs in Your Neighborhood

It is extremely important that you are aware of the dogs that are in your neighborhood.  Knowing this information can save you, your family, friends, neighbors and your pets from harm.  Talk to other neighbors to see if they know of any dangerous dogs that might be in the neighborhood.  If you see a dog that may be dangerous roaming your neighborhood, call the police immediately.  Many municipalities in New Jersey have dog leash laws and laws regarding the keeping of vicious dogs.  Becoming aware of your neighborhood can help prevent you and your family members from becoming the victim of a dog bite or dog attack.

Safety Tips to Follow When Around Unfamiliar Dogs

  • Never run up to, scream near or run around a dog, even one you know.
  • Never sneak up on a dog, especially if it’s eating or sleeping.  Approach all dogs from the front or side.
  • Let a dog sniff you first, and never stare a dog in the eye.
  • Don’t go near a dog that is growling or showing teeth.
  • Don’t pet a dog through or over a fence.
  • Never pull on a dog’s feet, tail or ears.
  • Let an adult know if you see a dog running loose.
  • Don’t run away from a dog, as it could cause it to chase you.
  • If you are attacked by a dog, curl up in a ball on the ground.

Get Legal Help Under NJ’s Dog Bite Laws if Attacked

If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog in New Jersey, you should pursue your legal options.  New Jersey’s strict liability dog bite laws favor dog bite victims, and our New Jersey dog bite lawyers will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.  Our team of NJ dog bite lawyers have years of experience seeking compensation for these injuries and often teach seminars for other lawyers on the dog bite practice in New Jersey.  Call (732) 965-3350 as soon as possible after your dog bite for a free consultation.

Source: “Paterson boy, 13, killed after dog attack; second teen hospitalized” (NJ.com)