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Personal Injury Lawyers in Surf City NJ

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Your entire way of life may be gone in a flash in the case of a severe injury. Everyday activities like watching your children or going to the grocery store can become overwhelming and may seem impossible.

When another individual, institution or group of people is to blame for your injury, you have the right to pursue a financial settlement. A payment can make a significant difference if bills start mounting because of your injury. Money can't eliminate the pain and grief that you have, but it can supply you with some peace of mind. The money it costs to speed up your healing can be enormous, and a personal injury lawyer serving Surf City, New Jersey can help remove that burden.
Accountability is crucial when you are negatively affected and miss work due to someone else's actions. An attorney from Villani & DeLuca will endeavor to have the responsible party assume your financial consequences.

Consult With an Experienced, Hard-Working Personal Injury Law Firm

Need an injury attorney for a personal injury claim in Surf City, New Jersey? You need the right lawyer with a history of success in cases like yours. Since 1996, Villani & DeLuca has been representing clients who have suffered an assortment of injuries.

You absolutely need a personal injury legal practitioner in NJ who recognizes the finer points of the law and will attack all possible approaches to get results. Villani & DeLuca attorneys can talk with insurance companies, negotiate settlements and represent your interests in court if necessary.

Personal Injury Cases We Represent

Personal injury lawyers from Villani & DeLuca represent clients who have been debilitated in a number of situations. Your defense strategy needs to be air tight, and one of the most effective ways to make that happen is with the support of legal counsel. Some of the personal injury claims we will take up for clients are:

Motor vehicle Crashes

An injury caused by a car or truck is often serious and may alter your life completely. If you were harmed in a motor vehicle crash, opening a personal injury claim may be the only choice to pay for the resulting medical and economic problems. The recuperation process is challenging enough – let a practiced injury attorney handle the insurance companies and make it possible to get the compensation needed to relieve your checkbook.

Slip and Fall or Premises Liability

If you are injured due to someone's inability to maintain their property or a lack of maintenance on the premises of a business, you may be able to get compensation. A property's maintenance generally falls under the responsibility of its owner.

Workers' Compensation

Workers compensation lawyers will have the ideal experience to walk you through the legal tactics required to claim compensation for injuries that take place while on the job. You are not responsible for paying medical bills or lost income because of an injury that occurred either at work, during work or as a result of your position.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

You need a personal injury attorney who can explain the subtleties of NJ dog bite laws. Dog bites are serious issues that necessitate a serious defense.

The personal injury attorneys at Villani & DeLuca are highly knowledgeable in the area of dog bite law. Carmine Villani, Esq. is skilled in NJ dog bite laws and helping people collect compensation for injuries related to dog bites. Mr. Villani is highly esteemed for his history of winning cases for dog bite victims and has taught the subject to other attorneys.

Wrongful Death

Placing responsibility where it lies is extremely important the event of the wrongful death of your loved one. Fortunately, personal injury attorneys can simplify the process by working hard and fighting for compensation so that you do not have to. Contact an experienced wrongful death lawyer worry about the legal implications.

Head Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injuries

A head injury might not seem serious at first, but it can create a long-term issue. Motor delays, memory lapses and side effects that harm your mental abilities should be treated very seriously. If another party was the cause of your brain injury, don't rest until you get the satisfaction you deserve.

Pool Injuries

Swimming pools must be kept safe by the owner of the property. From adequate barriers, to proper supervision of swimmers, to preventing unsanctioned access, pool owners are obligated to follow a basic level of safety protocol. If you have experienced a pool-related incident because of improper maintenance, take action by consulting a pool accident attorney today.

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