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Personal Injury Lawyers in Seaside Heights NJ

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A serious trauma may lead to sub-par health that might never fully subside. Injuries can result in a plethora of issues like the termination of a job, intense physical pain and loss of sensory skills.

Did someone else's behaviors (or inaction) lead to a severe health problem that is having an effect on your life on a daily basis? Don't lose hope. An accident law firm serving Seaside Heights will be able to help you pursue compensation from the responsible party. You should not have to undergo physical and emotional pain, all while settling your own medical bills.
You need to go after reimbursement from the responsible party. Personal injury attorneys from Villani & DeLuca will give you the total commitment you merit throughout the entire process.

Hire an Accident Attorney to Work Aggressively on Your Behalf

Experience is imperative and Villani & DeLuca has the personal injury knowledge you will need. We began handling personal injury cases in 1996 and we have been aiding clients in places like Seaside Heights, NJ ever since. The conclusion of your claim depends upon the attorneys who represent you.

We believe that you should be treated fairly according to the laws of the state. Whether it's talking directly with insurance companies to attain an out-of-court settlement or bringing your claim to civil court in a jury trial, we work tirelessly to be certain you recover sufficient compensation.

Personal Injury Claims We Represent

There are many types of incidents that constitute a personal injury claim. If you have been disabled in one of the following ways, you need to contact a personal injury attorney soon. The list below is a selection of the cases that Villani & DeLuca will pursue. Be sure to talk to one of our personal injury lawyers if you have been hurt in a way that is not found below to find out if it qualifies for financial compensation.

Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are some of the most widespread, and serious, personal injury claims that take place. However, a personal injury claim will not necessarily hinge on the severeness of the wreck. The effects of your accident, both mental and physical, will be incorporated into a decision.

Trip and Fall or Premises Liability

You may be entitled to monetary remunerations if you slipped and fell due to poor property maintenance. A property's maintenance traditionally falls under the purview of its owner.

Workers' Compensation

Workers compensation attorneys will have the ideal experience to guide you through the process of receiving compensation for injuries that take place while on the job. You should not be responsible for paying medical bills or missing work because of an injury that occurred either at work, during work or as a result of your position.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

Severe pain and emotional distress can come from a dog attack. The owner of the dog is generally accountable for the actions of his or her dog. Your dog bite attorney will help you prove that the owner of the dog that bit you is responsible for the damages. Speak with an attorney who has won cases involving the dog bite laws of New Jersey.

A personal injury lawyer like Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. is very knowledgeable with dog bite laws in New Jersey. At seminars, Mr. Villani has even spoken on the subject in order to educate his fellow attorneys.

Wrongful Death

Emotions will run high in the event of the wrongful death of someone close to you. Your lawyer needs to be tenacious and willing to do what it takes within the law to win the case. Your lawyer can address the legal issues while you focus on your personal matters.

Head Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injuries

A head injury may appear minor at first, but it can show up over time. Motor delays, memory lapses and side effects that harm your cognitive functions should be taken very carefully. Compensation should be a priority for you and your legal representation if someone else was the cause of your traumatic brain injury.

Pool Injuries

Swimming pools must be guarded by the owner of the property. A certain level of safety is demanded of pool owners. If you have experienced a pool-related incident because of improper maintenance, take action by consulting a pool accident lawyer today.

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