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DWI Lawyers in Ocean NJ

Arrested for Drunk Driving? A New Jersey DUI Attorney Will Help

New Jersey takes drunk driving seriously. The consequences of a conviction for DWI or DUI can be steep. You need legal assistance if you or someone you know was recently hit with a DWI or DUI. A strong legal strategy designed by a New Jersey DWI attorney will provide you with the best opportunity.
There is hope for avoiding a DWI conviction. Attorneys from Villani & DeLuca are capable of spotting inappropriate procedure of law enforcement. A DWI attorney will be a huge advantage to you while disputing DUI allegations.

Understanding NJ DWI and DUI Regulations

If police pull you over under possible drunk driving, you may be charged with DUI. Law enforcement is allowed to perform a field sobriety test if they have reasonable cause to think that you may be driving drunk. If there is enough reason to suspect alcohol has been consumed by the driver, a police officer might also ask you to take part in a breath test. A blood alcohol reading above 0.08% is considered too drunk to drive and will lead to an arrest and accusations.

Experience Matters When Choosing A DUI Lawyer

Villani & DeLuca, P.C. is a DWI law firm in NJ that has years of wide-ranging defense of clients who were accused of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Partner Carmine Villani Esq. is a leading attorney in New Jersey DWI defense. Mr. Villani has been protecting clients from DWI charges since Villani & DeLuca was established in 1996.

Alcotest® and Breathalyzer Training

Mr. Villani is trained to administer the same breath test used by New Jersey law enforcement. His familiarity with the Breathalyzer and Draeger Alcotest® 7110 gives him a decidedly large leg up on other lawyers. A breath test has to be performed in an extremely specific way. A breath test that has not been executed the right way by police can lead to dropped charges.

Understanding the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST)

Field sobriety tests are only allowed to be considered as evidence if the right steps were followed precisely. Your DWI attorney at Villani & DeLuca can help you by identifying discrepancies in the way your DUI arrest was treated.

Drug Recognition Evaluation

The number of drug-related driving arrests are on the rise in New Jersey. If you were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, hiring attorney with experience in drug recognition evaluation (DRE) is important to your argument. Mr. Villani is extremely acquainted with the proper procedure of the DRE and will use any improper steps taken by law enforcement to help your case.

Challenging Charges With a NJ DWI Lawyer

Your license will be suspended and a fine of up to $1,000 will be required when convicted of intoxicated driving. Interlock ignition devices are also a frequent requirement upon a conviction for DWI. Multiple DUI convictions and a higher blood alcohol level will lead to more severe punishments.
Were you incorrectly accused of DUI in Ocean, New Jersey? Inaccurate BAC levels occur due to many differing factors. Villani & DeLuca will go after a strategy that focuses on procedure by officers and faulty readings if you believe you may have been wrongly charged.

Breath Test Refusal

Were you arrested and charged with refusal in Ocean, NJ? Refusal charges are frequently more severe than driving while intoxicated. According to the implied consent laws in NJ, you may not turn down a breath test if it is requested of you by law enforcement and they have already established probable cause.
Law enforcement must have probable cause in order to require drivers to complete a breath or blood test. Your Villani & DeLuca DWI attorney will be able to demonstrate whether probable cause was actually established and whether a medical issue prohibited you from accepting a breath test.

Be aware of Your Rights at DWI Checkpoints

A police officer in New Jersey can request certain information that you are required to respond accurately to like your legal name and residence. But you don't need to reply to other queries at a police DWI road block. You also have the right to courteously turn down a request to search your automobile.
The way in which officers manage your rights during DWI checkpoints can seriously influence a trial. A qualified attorney will be able to tell you whether you were treated correctly at a DWI road block.

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