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Marijuana Possession Lawyers in Long Beach NJ

Experienced Long Beach Marijuana Distribution and Possession Defense Attorneys

Marijuana laws in New Jersey are strict and may result in a variety of penalties and punishments. Possession and distribution consequences vary in severity, but both types of marijuana charges necessitate the assistance of an attorney. Ensure you have a good defense by hiring a qualified criminal defense attorney in Long Beach, New Jersey. NJ marijuana lawyers will work to protect your rights and fight pot-related charges.

Know the Law, Avoid Marijuana Allegations in NJ

Marijuana is called a Controlled Dangerous Substance in New Jersey. The amount of weed you had in your possession will dictate the consequences you can face. 50+ grams of weed may warrant a less severe charge like disorderly persons. But, possession of amounts of marijuana more than 50 grams classified as a more serious crime.

Having possession of a heft amount of marijuana will often times lead to in charges other than simple possession. An arrest for marijuana possession sometimes turns into attempt to sell depending on the quantity in your possession and what police determine your objectives were. Your lawyer will fight to get your distribution charges in Long Beach downgraded to possession or dismissed.

Experienced New Jersey Drug Possession Lawyers

The attorneys of Villani & DeLuca have been fighting marijuana-related charges in NJ since the law firm opened its doors in 1996. Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. has been practicing law since 1992 and concentrates on defending clients against criminal offenses like possession and distribution of marijuana. He has also served as municipal prosecutor and public defender in NJ, giving him a unique advantage when fighting criminal charges.

Marijuana Charges Our Qualified New Jersey Defense Attorneys Will Dispute

{Your marijuana charges hinge on how much marijuana you had on you, where your arrest happened and what police believe you were trying to do with the illegal drugs you had on you.|Marijuana charges may be severe or basically minimal depending on where the arrest occurred, the amount of marijuana and what the arresting officer and the prosecutor perceives your intentions were (intent to sell or personal use).

Possession of Marijuana

Possession of 50 grams or lower of marijuana can offer a prison sentence of up to six months and a $1,000 fine. In New Jersey, possession of 50+ grams of marijuana may result in an 18-month prison term and a maximum fine of $25,000.

Marijuana Distribution and Intent to Sell Marijuana

All marijuana distribution allegations are felonies by law in NJ with a guilty verdict, but the consequences coupled with these charges range in severity. First degree marijuana distribution charges that end in a conviction are so strict that the person convicted can receive twenty years incarceration and a maximum fine that reaches up to $300,000.

School Zones and Public Parks

Protected zones include school zones, such as school properties and school vehicles, as well as public parks. If you are found guilty of marijuana distribution in these protected zones, your sentences might be enhanced according to New Jersey law. Hire a NJ criminal defense lawyer if you were arrested and charged with marijuana possession or distribution in a Long Beach protected zone.

Medicinal Marijuana

A small group of people are permitted to use medical marijuana in New Jersey. But, if you are from another state, do not think that your medical marijuana exemption applies in NJ. To get approved for medicinal marijuana in NJ, you need to obtain a doctor's recommendation for a serious condition such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease or a life threatening illness if the physician has decided on a prognosis of less than one year of life.

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