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DWI Lawyers in Lavallette NJ

NJ DWI Lawyers Will Dispute Your DWI Charge

Have you been charged with driving under the influence in NJ? Tough NJ laws and punishments for driving under the influence can alter your life. However there are steps you can take to protect yourself. A New Jersey DWI attorney will get you back on the right track.
There is opportunity to avoid a DWI conviction. Although DWI laws in NJ are stringent, a good lawyer will be able to detect when law enforcement has not followed proper process. A qualified DUI lawyer is your best chance of at beating allegations in NJ.

Know the DUI Laws in NJ

If law enforcement pulls you over under suspicion of drunk driving, you may be charged with driving while intoxicated. Law enforcement is authorized to request a field sobriety test if they have reasonable cause to think that you may be legally intoxicated. If there is enough reason to suspect alcohol has been consumed by the driver, a police officer might also ask you to take a breath test. You are not allowed to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration reading that is more than 0.08%.

NJ Lawyers Trained in DWI Law

Carmine Villani, Esq. is a establishing member of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. and has experience in both the prosecution and defense of driving while intoxicated in New Jersey. Mr. Villani is also a member of the National College for DWI Defense and once served as a presenter at the first New Jersey DWI Institute, an educational seminar on DUI law. Mr. Villani has studied all matters of DWI and DUI in order to build sturdier legal defense strategies for each of his clients.

Studied in Alcotest® and Breathalyzer

Ony a small number of lawyers in NJ have been trained in the Draeger Alcotest® 7110, but Mr. Villani is one of those lawyers. New Jersey law enforcement has stopped using the former Breathalyzer and now uses the Draeger Alcotest® 7110, which is designed to measure blood alcohol percentages more accurately.

Field Sobriety Test Procedures

Field sobriety tests are only allowed to be considered as evidence if the right steps were followed precisely. Your DUI lawyer at Villani & DeLuca can help you by identifying improper steps in the way your DWI arrest was conducted.

Understanding Drug Recognition Evalutation

DWIs involving drugs have risen in New Jersey. Your attorney should be specifically educated in drug recognition evaluation (DRE) if you were arrested for a DUI that was not related to alcohol. Mr. Villani is very familiar with the correct procedure of the DRE and will use any improper steps taken by police to help your case.

Charges and Penalties New Jersey DWI Attorneys Will Dispute

New Jersey DUI penalties vary in harshness depending on a variety of reasons, like BAC level, if you are a multiple offender and the length of time since a previous DWI conviction. Penalties include monetary charges up to $1,000, driver's license suspensions of up to 10 years, interlock ignition device and possible jail time.
Having a proven DUI lawyer fighting for you is the most important aspect of your defense if you received a 0.08% or higher during a breath test. A good lawyer understands that the Alcotest® reading is not 100% accurate. If you have been taken into custody in Lavallette, NJ and think you are being wrongly charged with DWI or DUI, start building your legal defense with the help of a dependable DWI law firm, Villani & DeLuca.

Breath Test Refusal

The implied consent law of NJ means that you may not refuse a breath test if there is reason to believe that you have been consuming alcohol and are now operating a vehicle. Refusing to submit to a breath test has tough consequences in NJ, with a first offense of breath test refusal resulting in a minimum license revocation of seven months. Drivers who are guilty of turning down a breath test can be subject to harsher penalties than people convicted of a DUI with a BAC reading of 0.10% or more.
Did a police officer request that you take part in a breath test without first establishing probable cause? It is illegal to force a person to take a breath test if he or she was told to do so without probable cause. Your charges can be beaten in court if the officer who conducted the test was not attempting to look for probable cause.

How DWI Checkpoints Work in NJ

Have you ever been stopped at a DWI road block? You would have been asked to answer questions concerning your identity and home address. But replies to further questions are not necessary.
If your DWI charges go to trial, the conduct of the officer who questioned you for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs will come into question. A conviction might not occur if the police officer was not operating in agreement with the law.

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Since Villani & DeLuca was founded in 1996, our DWI attorneys have been protecting defendants like you. If you or someone you care about is being charged with drinking and driving in Lavallette, NJ, contact Villani & DeLuca today. it is important that you know what your rights are when facing serious, life-altering charges like DWIs and DUIs. Get help from a lawyer who has experience in DUI law.
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