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Divorce Lawyers in Lavallette NJ

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Even the most loving marriage is still at risk, and half of marriages do conclude in divorce. It can happen to anyone, but when it does, it is essential to have a plan.
The route to divorce is a tearful, painful undertaking. If you have come to a roadblock and feel divorce is your smartest option, then chances are you have reached the end of your rope. A divorce attorney in Lavallette, New Jersey can ease your worries by shielding your rights according to the law.

Stress and sentiment can increase the difficulty of the establishing of parental responsibilities and splitting joint resources. Fortunately, there are family law lawyers in NJ qualified to manage the ordeal for you. Receive an arrangement that protects you and your future prospects with the support of the divorce attorneys at Villani & DeLuca.

Knowledgeable Lavallette, NJ Divorce Lawyers Working for You

Divorce attorneys work aggressively for you, at a moment in time when you need it most. Our law firm will usher you through each point of the proceedings in an approach that keeps you in charge of your future. There are multiple concerns that will need to be worked out during a divorce between a married couple in order to make the divorce conclusive, including support payments for children or spouses and the division of property and other finances. Receive a favorable outcome with a divorce attorney who has extensive experience in divorce negotiations.

Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is one of the very few attorneys recognized as a certified matrimonial law attorney, as bestowed by the NJ Supreme Court. Mr. DeLuca and the divorce team of Villani & DeLuca have been helping people in Lavallette, NJ with family law needs since the firm's beginning in 1996.
Our divorce counsel offer legal assistance for all types of separations, demanding all types of resolutions. We make every effort to help our clients to resolve their differences civilly first, through collaborative divorce tactics and mediation. In many cases the scenario is more challenging and demands a trial in court. Examples include situations involving domestic abuse or cruelty, or extremely hateful child support and custody battles. In cases such as these Villani & DeLuca has the Family Court experience to fight for the outcome you are seeking.

Getting a Divorce in NJ

Divorcing individuals should be residents of New Jersey for 12 months. Additionally, the divorce must be filed because of of irreconcilable differences to allow the divorce to get approved. Without irreconcilable differences, there are extenuating circumstances that are worthy of divorce according to the state, inclusive of:
– Infidelity
– Deviant sexual tendencies
– Abandonment (voluntary and continued for at least 12 months)
– Addiction to drugs or habitual drinking
– 1.5 years of separation
– Continuous institutionalization for mental illness for 2 or more years
– Severe cruelty (physical or emotional cruelty jeopardizing safety or welfare of partner)

Typical Divorce Situations

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation in New Jersey could possibly be either stipulated by a Family Court justice or personally sought. Spouses considering divorce mediation engage in a civilized setting, with an impartial third party person driving the divorce process between couples. Terms will worked towards with the guidance of a mediator. A settlement via divorce mediation can generally be better for the two sides than a unilateral decision by the court.

Collaborative Divorce

Avoid court totally with a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce can also be a less expensive option. A collaborative divorce will be finalized without the influence of a judge and without fear of exposure or legal repercussions.

Child Custody

Despite the fact that child custody can be overwhelming, your family practice attorney can help the situation. The New Jersey Family Court system focuses on what is best for the child. Your custody attorney needs to be defending your child's best interests, while ensuring that your parental rights are preserved at the same time. It's never easy, but child custody disputes are probably some of the most important issues of many divorces in New Jersey.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Alimony can be an ugly, but important issue in a divorce. According to (N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b)), many considerations like age, duration of marriage, education level and other facts can play a role in determining alimony. Get started with our attorneys to reach a financial settlement that is sensible for you.

Child Support

Child support is something that divorce lawyers frequently handle during divorce cases. Your attorney will assist you to fully comprehend how child support regulations work.
Establishing and implementing child support payments can be one of the most challenging elements of any divorce or post-divorce proceeding. Choose a lawyer who has a history of success in matters of child support.

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There are as many different strategies to divorce as there are explanations for divorce. The exact circumstances of your divorce don't matter an experienced divorce attorney is vital for gaining the outcome you want. Phone Villani & DeLuca today if you are in need of legal advice in your divorce or separation. Our Lavallette, NJ family law team will work endlessly on your behalf, defending your assets and your top priorities .
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