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Marijuana Possession Lawyers in Island Heights NJ

Experienced Island Heights Marijuana Distribution and Possession Defense Lawyers

Marijuana laws in NJ are rigid and may result in a number of fines and other consequences. The state uses its strict drug laws to prosecute defendants for charges like the possession, distribution and growing of marijuana. If you have been charged with distribution or any other marijuana-related crimes in the state of New Jersey, you should strengthen your case with the help of a qualified law firm serving Island Heights. NJ pot lawyers will work to defend your freedoms and protest marijuana-related charges.

Know the Law, Evade Marijuana Charges in New Jersey

Marijuana is a Controlled Dangerous Substance in NJ, which means that the penalties can be severe. Less than 50 grams can be a disorderly persons offense, however a larger amount may create felony charges.

If you get arrested for possessing marijuana (this can be fewer than 50 grams), charges often extend beyond simple possession. The state will sometimes charge you with the intent to sell, which is effectively the same as being arrested in the act of actually selling pot. Distribution and the intent to distribute face much harsher penalties than possession. You should create a solid legal strategy with an experienced Island Heights, New Jersey marijuana law firm to ensure your charges don't exceed possession.

Experienced New Jersey Marijuana Possession Lawyers

The lawyers of Villani & DeLuca have been arguing marijuana-related crime accusations in New Jersey since the law firm opened its doors in 1996. Carmine Villani, Esq. is a defense lawyer with a background in defending people fighting drug charges. He has also practiced law as municipal prosecutor and public defender in New Jersey, giving him a unique advantage when fighting criminal charges.

Marijuana Charges

{The seriousness of the charges that may be brought against you in the state alter depending on the circumstances of your individual case, like the total marijuana discovered on your person, where the arrest occurred and the intent perceived by police and the prosecution.|Marijuana charges can be serious or basically minimal depending on where the arrest occurred, the weight of marijuana and what the arresting officer and the prosecutor believes your intent was (intent to sell or recreational use).

Possession of Marijuana

Your marijuana possession charges in New Jersey can put you in prison for six months with a $1,000 fine, even when the quantity of marijuana is below 50 grams. If your marijuana possession tops 50 grams, you can get stuck with a jail sentence that is as much as 18 months along with a much heftier fine of $25,000.

Marijuana Distribution and Intent to Sell Marijuana

Distribution is extremely serious charge in New Jersey. Distribution of just one ounce of weed or less will earn a max prison sentence of 18 months and a fine that reaches $10,000 for a conviction. If you are determined to be guilty of distributing or the intent to sell in the first degree, your penalties can be as intense as a twenty years in prison and a $300,000 fine.

School Zones and Public Parks

Protected zones include school zones, like school properties and school vehicles, as well as public parks. If you are convicted of marijuana distribution in these protected zones, your sentences will be increased according to state law. Hire a NJ criminal defense attorney if you were arrested and charged with marijuana possession or distribution in a Island Heights protected zone.

Medicinal Marijuana

A small number of people are permitted to use medical marijuana in New Jersey. However, New Jersey does not recognize defendants who have been approved to use medical marijuana by other states. Only serious health conditions or a mortal illness will substantiate a medical marijuana allowance in NJ.

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