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DWI Lawyers in Eagleswood NJ

Charged With Drunk Driving? A NJ DUI Attorney Can Help

Are you fighting a New Jersey DUI charge? Tough New Jersey laws and penalties for driving under the influence can change your life. But, there are steps you can take to defend yourself. A NJ DUI lawyer will get you back on the right track.
DWI law is a very specific area of law that necessitates the proficiency of a specialized lawyer. Villani & DeLuca DWI lawyers will work hard to protect you against harsh fines and neglect of your rights.

Understanding New Jersey DWI and DUI Laws

When someone is pulled over for suspicion of drinking and driving in NJ, law enforcement has the ability to conduct a standardized field sobriety test (SFST) and check the driver for a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of 0.08%. and a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or above. A person that has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) percentage of 0.08% or higher is considered legally intoxicated in the state of New Jersey and if stopped while driving, will be faced with a DUI charge.

Experience Matters When Picking A DUI Attorney

Villani & DeLuca, P.C. is a DUI law firm in NJ that has years of wide-ranging defense of clients who were accused of driving while intoxicated. Partner Carmine Villani Esq. is a leading attorney in NJ DWI defense. As a member of the National College for DWI Defense, Mr. Villani has effectively protected his clients from false claims relating to DWI for many years.

Practiced in Alcotest® and Breathalyzer

just a small number of attorneys in New Jersey have been educated in the Draeger Alcotest® 7110, but Carmine Villani is one of those lawyers. NJ law enforcement has moved away from the traditional Breathalyzer and exclusively uses the Draeger Alcotest® 7110, which is made to measure blood alcohol percentages more precisely.

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

Law enforcement is authorized to use the standardized field sobriety test (SFST) on people suspected of drunken driving or of having other substance-related impairments. But, the use of a field sobriety test is only useful if it was correctly administered.

Drug Recognition Evaluation

DUIs involving drugs have gone up in NJ. If you have been take into custody on suspicion of DUI, hiring attorney trained in drug recognition evaluation (DRE) is important to your argument. Mr. Villani undertook the same training as NJ police officers in drug recognition evaluation (DRE), giving him exceptional insight into NJ DUI/DWI laws and how best to fight them.

How to Challenge Charges With an attorney

New Jersey DUI penalties range in harshness depending on several factors, like BAC level, if you are a multiple offender and the length of time since your last DUI sentence. Penalties include fines up to $1,000, a suspended driver's license of up to 10 years, interlock ignition device and potential jail time.
If your blood alcohol concentration tests above the legal limit, it is paramount to have a DWI attorney on your side. Not all BAC readings recorded by the Alcotest® devices are precise, due to a variety of reasons, and can generate false positives. Were you arrested and charged with a DUI in Eagleswood, New Jersey? Make sure you find the experience you need with a DWI law firm like Villani & DeLuca.

Breath Test Refusal

You are legally not allowed to turn down a breath test in NJ. Turning down a breath test will produce refusal charges as well as an arrest. Charges that can come from a refusal are in some ways more punishing than charges that occur from a DWI conviction.
Probable cause should always be established by a police officer prior to a breath test can be implemented. An experienced DUI lawyer can help evaluate if probable cause was founded or determine whether mitigating circumstances, such as a medical condition played a function in your refusal.

How DWI Checkpoints Work in NJ

Did law enforcement recently pull over your car at a DWI checkpoint? Officers might have asked you to hand over your license and ask you questions about who you are and where you reside, which is in their prerogative. But responses to other questions are not necessary.
If an officer abuses you or acts outside of the law at a DWI checkpoint, you can dispute any charges you may have received. The law requires officers to treat drivers in a certain way.

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