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Injuries can last months and even years, affecting every area of your life. You may be at risk of losing your job or you could be suffering from continual pain due to a variety of injuries.

Did someone else’s actions (or inaction) lead to a major health problem that is influencing your life on a daily basis? Don’t quit. An accident attorney serving Wall will be able to help you pursue damages from the responsible party. Don’t suffer through physical and emotional pain, all while settling your own medical bills.

Victims of injuries created by other people should seek compensation. Hire experienced lawyers to preserve you. Fight for a settlement with the help of Villani & DeLuca personal injury lawyers.

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Every personal injury law suit is specific and should be treated on its own merits. A knowledgeable law practice like Villani & DeLuca, which serves Wall, NJ will make an obvious difference. Villani & DeLuca personal injury lawyers have a background in all types of injuries, from auto accidents to dog bite injuries, since 1996.

The NJ personal injury lawyers at Villani & DeLuca are compassionate and dedicated to assisting you obtain fair treatment in the eyes of the law. Our lawyers will fight for you in and out of court to get results.

Personal Injury Claims We Represent

Personal injury claims cover a variety of circumstances. Speak with a personal injury lawyer before it’s too late if you were injured because of negligence. Please note that the list of injuries below is not comprehensive. If you have been injured in a way that is not mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact Villani & DeLuca to inquire if you should pursue compensation.

Auto Crashes

Auto incidents, such as motorbike, auto and truck collisions often lead to major, life-changing injuries. If you were hurt in a car crash, seeking a personal injury claim may be the only means to pay for the resulting medical and financial problems. The healing process is hard enough – let a practiced injury attorney handle the insurance companies and make it possible to get the compensation needed to take the onus off of you.

Trip and Fall or Premises Liability

Someone’s negligence can lead to you slipping and falling on private property. A property must be kept reasonably safe for guests. Failure to do so requires full compensation to the victim, including lost income, medical expenses and pain and suffering. An experienced slip and fall attorney can fight for full reimbursement.

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace injuries can result in workers compensation claims. Don’t delay to seek workers compensation if you were hurt on the job. The variables of the injury may qualify you for workers compensation as well as a claim against a third party if they are also at fault. Have your rights explained to you by a competent workers compensation lawyer.

Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

The dog’s owner is almost always responsible for any harm inflicted by the dog on the victim. Negligence is not a factor with dog bites. The only thing required of victims is the ability to show that the dog did bite you. There are exceptions to this law, so pay a visit to an experienced dog bite attorney to establish whether you have a valid claim.

A personal injury counsel like Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. is very comfortable with dog bite laws in New Jersey. He has taught the subject and given seminars regarding dog bite laws to other attorneys.

Wrongful Death

Have you recently lost someone close to you in an accident? A misfortune like this can’t be reversed and financial compensation will never replace this person, but you do deserve payment for your loss. The party that is responsible for a wrongful death needs to be held accountable.

Head Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injuries

A head injury might not seem serious at first, but it can create a long-term issue. Concussions, memory issues and side effects that harm your mental abilities should be taken very carefully. Receiving appropriate damages should be a priority for you and your legal representation if you were injured at someone else’s fault.

Pool Injuries

A pool must be kept safe by the owner of the property. A certain level of safety is expected of homeowners who have pools installed on their property. If you have experienced a pool-related incident because of improper maintenance, take action by consulting a pool accident attorney today.

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