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You have heard the numbers — 1 in 2 wedded couples end in divorce. When planning your future, no one thinks that their partnership is doomed to fail. Nonetheless, it occurs all the time.
There are dozens of claims that need to be reconciled before a divorce can be finalized, but stressing about it is not going to fix your situation. Don't spend your time and energy freaking out, contact a Tinton Falls, New Jersey divorce attorney to represent you. While in your employ, your divorce lawyer can calculate your choices and suggest the best chance of success.

Doling out marital investments and establishing custodial arrangements can be a demanding, stressful task for both parties. The entire situation can be made easier with New Jersey divorce attorneys. The divorce firm of Villani & DeLuca and its team of divorce attorneys recognize the difficulties pertaining to separation and divorce and will work relentlessly to make certain that you are fair treatment and get an impartial outcome.

Seasoned Tinton Falls, NJ Divorce Attorneys Fighting for You

Dealing with divorce can be made less loathsome with a quality divorce attorney in your corner. Prior to the end stages of divorce, a few key concerns must be resolved. Having the right divorce attorney on your team will make it easier to receive a reasonable settlement. The most efficient method of reaching your goals in a divorce is by securing a lawyer with countless divorce cases on their resume.

As a family law firm that serves Tinton Falls, NJ, Villani & DeLuca has fought for the well-being of divorcing clients since 1996. Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is a NJ Supreme Court-certified divorce lawyer and a founder and partner of Villani & DeLuca.
A NJ divorce attorney must be willing and able to secure your welfare both in front of a judge and in front of your spouse's legal counsel. Divorce lawyers from Villani & DeLuca work with all types of divorce settlements, including divorce mediation, child custody and at-fault divorces. Our lawyers will dedicate themselves to your case, so you receive the most beneficial ruling for your situation.

Obtaining a Divorce in New Jersey

Divorcing persons should be residents of New Jersey for 12 months. A divorce will not be granted without irreconcilable differences or one of the following issues:
– Adultery
– Deviant sexual behavior
– Desertion (voluntary and ongoing for at least 12 months)
– Drug addiction or frequent alcohol consumption
– 18-month living separately
– Being institutionalized for mental illness for 2+ years
– Extreme cruelty (physical or mental cruelty endangering safety or well-being of spouse)

Typical Divorce Situations

Divorce Mediation

In many cases, a judge may call for a couple to explore divorce mediation, or you can select to participate in private divorce mediation . Spouses choosing divorce mediation discuss their case in a neutral environment, with an unbiased unaffiliated member guiding the divorce process between divorcing pairs. Terms will worked towards with the guidance of a mediator. Divorce mediators are generally more adaptable than than busy Family Court justices.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is still another successful solution for couples that are still able to engage civilly and with respect. Collaborative divorce removes the necessity of a trial in court. This hands-on style is not going to get results for all couples, but when effective, it diminishes negative consequences on loved ones, while decreasing expenditures and keeping relationships respectful and for the greater good.

Child Custody

A dispute over the custody of a child is one of the most devastating ordeals a parent may encounter during divorce proceedings. An attorney can argue aggressively for your parental right. The NJ Family Court System is required to do what is in the best interests of the child in question, and matrimonial lawyers will work to guarantee that the absolute best case is presented in your favor.

Alimony or Spousal Support

A monetary compensation comprising of alimony may be necessary if you or your spouse receives significantly more income than the other. By using alimony, each party is expected to sustain a standard of living equivalent to what was experienced during the marriage. Alimony can be awarded to a spouse in order to avoid unfair compromises made on one side, as an immediate result of divorce. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b), alimony payments are based on the length of your marriage, your age and education and ability to acquire new wealth.

Child Support

A good divorce lawyer can guide you through child support litigation. Your lawyer will assist you to fully comprehend how child support regulations work.
The process of determining child support can be extremely unpleasant. Choose a lawyer who has a history of success in cases of child support.

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