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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Tinton Falls NJ

Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyers in Tinton Falls, NJ Protect Your Rights

How you handle the initial hours of a criminal charge will significantly influence the result of the litigation – and your life. You might could even face harsh penalizations or a prison sentence contingent upon the seriousness of your charges Pick the right criminal defense lawyer in Tinton Falls and get back to your life quicker.

Villani & DeLuca has given legal protection to men and women charged with crimes throughout NJ for many years. A penalty for a criminal offense can be very severe if you don't have legal relief. Fight to have your charges thrown out with the assistance of criminal defense lawyers in Tinton Falls, NJ.
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Defend Your Rights, Hire New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

Search for a criminal defense lawyer in Tinton Falls with a successful track record defending the types of charges you are facing. We have been successfully helping clients in matters that have to do with criminal charges ever since opening our doors in 1996. Every one of our clients' cases is a priority, and we will battle until the case has been settled.

Your defense strategy needs to be airtight and strategic. Villani & DeLuca will fight back against the allegations against you, in order to give you a better chance at moving on with your life. A single legal strategy for every case won't work – our attorneys will carefully build an argument grounded in the particulars of your individual case.

Villani & DeLuca Criminal Defense Lawyers Will …

• Protect your rights and help you evade self-incrimination throughout questioning
• Negotiate bail and bond arrangements
• Fight for reduced charges and create a plea deal if essential
• Represent you in court if your case reaches trial
• Assist in expunging an eligible crime if possible
• Bring relevant factors to the attention of the judge at a sentencing

You Deserve a Criminal Defense Lawyer With the Know-How to Win Your Case

Villani & DeLuca criminal defense lawyers have a deep understanding of the judicial system of NJ and can fight for your case in both municipal and superior courts within New Jersey. Our law firm opened in 1996 and has been protecting the rights of people charged with alleged criminal offenses in New Jersey ever since.
Carmine Villani, Esq. and his team of criminal defense lawyers will do whatever they can, within the legal system, to defend you from false allegations. Carmine Villani used to practice law in NJ as a public defender and as a municipal prosecutor. He has effectively represented clients for years relying on his extensive his experience and qualifications.
You need qualified legal advice fast, but you also need to understand all of your rights according to the Constitution. Make educated legal decisions based on the advice of our attorneys. Protecting your rights is our number-one mission and we will battle to have your charges reduced or dismissed once and for all.
Villani & DeLuca fights all types of criminal offenses in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. Some of these charges include:
• Drug crimes – Marijuana possession, heroin possession, distribution, prescription drug possession
• Assault
• Restraining orders
• Underage drinking
• Shoplifting
• Obstruction of justice
• Disorderly conduct
• Juvenile offenses
Villani & DeLuca criminal defense lawyers are there for your case when you need them most.

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney to Help Your Case at Villani & DeLuca

Strong legal experience is a precious commodity that you should take seriously if you have been charged with a crime. Thanks to our many years disputing criminal charges, our attorneys know what what strategies make the most sense and how to make sure you get the results you need. Contact us today or give us a call at (732) 709-7757.

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