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Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyers in Shrewsbury, NJ Protect Your Rights

The way you handle the initial day of a criminal charge will greatly influence the conclusion of the case – and your life. A criminal sentence can require serious penalties, such as a prison sentence or big fines. Hire the right criminal defense attorney in Shrewsbury and return to your life quicker.

Villani & DeLuca has provided defense to people being accused of crimes within NJ for many years. A consequence of a criminal charge can be very serious if you do not have legal assistance. Work with a practiced attorney in Shrewsbury to have your charges minimized or dropped.


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You Should Get the Defense You Deserve With Villani & DeLuca


Villani & DeLuca criminal defense lawyers know the law in New Jersey and what it means for you. Our lawyers know precisely how to protect you against criminal charges in Shrewsbury and make it easier for you to get back to life as usual. We can help you whenever if you were arrested and charged with a crime. Contact the criminal defense attorneys at Villani & DeLuca for a free consultation to talk about your legal strategy.

Your defense strategy needs to be assertive and well-thought. Our lawyers are ready to fight charges in the courtroom and out of the courtroom in order to achieve the outcome you are looking for. A cookie-cutter defense strategy doesn’t work for every case – our lawyers will tactically create an argument grounded in the details of your individual case.

Villani & DeLuca Criminal Defense Lawyers Will …

• Assist you with the defense of the rights provided to you by the state and make sure that you do not incriminate yourself during questioning by authorities
• Assisting you in negotiations for better bail and bond
• Arrange plea bargains and fight for reduced charges with the prosecution
• Protect your criminal case in court if it has to go to a trial
• Help you expunge your criminal record when it can be done
• Bring relevant factors to the attention of the judge during a sentencing

You Deserve a Criminal Defense Lawyer With the Know-How to Get Results

Villani & DeLuca criminal defense lawyers have in depth understanding of the judicial system of NJ and can represent your interests in both municipal and superior courts within the state. We have worked with clients going up against criminal charges in NJ since 1996 and will use that experience for you.

Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. and the legal team at Villani & DeLuca will work to make sure that your freedoms have not been taken for granted. Carmine Villani used to practice law in NJ as a public defender and as a municipal prosecutor. Mr. Villani has successfully fought for his clients’ cases in the NJ criminal court for years.

You need to take steps to defend yourself if you have been arrested and accused of a crime, but if you still have not , get the input of an experienced lawyer. Lawyers can make the process easier. If you are aware of what your rights are, you have a much better chance.

Entrust your case to Shrewsbury, New Jersey criminal attorneys who have been defending clients from charges including:

• Drug crimes – possession of marijuana, possession of heroin, intent to distribute, Rx drug possession
• Assault
• Restraining orders
• Underage drinking and fake IDs
• Burglary
• Trespassing and loitering
• Disorderly conduct
• Juvenile crimes


Your Villani * DeLuca defense attorney is accessible to you whenever you need legal advice.

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