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DWI Lawyers in Sea Girt NJ

Arrested for driving drunk? A New Jersey DUI Attorney Will Help

Were you charged with DUI in New Jersey? If so, NJ laws are very strict and can greatly affect your life if you are found guilty and convicted. But, you do have many options allotted to you by NJ. Your right to legal representation will help you avoid conviction and restore regularity to your life.
If you have been accused of driving while intoxicated, Villani & DeLuca can help. The intricate law surrounding DUI should just be conducted by an attorney with the necessary experience. New Jersey DUI attorneys can better the outlook of your DUI trial.

Know the Drunk Driving Laws in New Jersey

Any blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading of 0.08% in New Jersey will end in a charge of DWI for someone driving in the state. A driver will be required to take a field sobriety test if an officer has probable cause to implement one. If an officer has reasonable cause, an officer may want the person operating the vehicle to take a breath test, which is also required by law.

Get an Experienced Lawyer for Your DWI Charge

As a partner and founding member of Villani & DeLuca, P.C., Carmine Villani, Esq. has battled DUI/DWI charges in New Jersey for years. Carmine Villani belongs to the National College for DWI Defense and once served as a presenter at the first New Jersey DWI Institute, an educational seminar on DWI law. He has undergone extensive training in every area of DUI and DWI defense, enabling him to call on all of the most up-to-date legal strategies to create your defense.

Alcotest® and Breathalyzer Trained DWI Lawyers

just a small number of lawyers in NJ have been trained in the Draeger Alcotest® 7110, but Mr. Villani is one of those attorneys. The Alcotest® is the only breath test permitted by police in New Jersey.

Understanding the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST)

The standardized field sobriety test (SFST) is not a scientific system and is not usually sufficient evidence to accuse someone of operating a vehicle intoxicated. However, it can provide reasonable cause for a police officer, which necessitates the use of a blood alcohol test. Mistakes do occur despite training to conduct standardized field sobriety testing. You will have a quality case against DWI charges if law enforcement did not perform a field sobriety test in accordance with the law before arresting and charging you.

Drug-Related DUI Arrests

Drug recognition evaluation (DRE) is the procedure by which law enforcement decides whether a driver is under the influence of drugs. But,, much like with the standardized field sobriety test, mistakes are sometimes made during the process. When these errors take place, you need a lawyer familiar with DRE defending you. Villani & DeLuca DUI attorneys are trained in finding inaccurate results in order to protect the rights of clients.

How to Fight Charges With an attorney

New Jersey DWI penalties range in harshness depending on several factors, like BAC level, whether you are a multiple offender and the amount of time since your last DUI conviction. Conviction of a DWI can produce a fine of up to a grand, a maximum license suspension of 10 years and the addition of a mandatory interlock ignition device during and after license suspension, time in prison and other penalties.
If your blood alcohol level reads higher than the legal limit, it is critical to have a DUI attorney on your side. A good lawyer knows that the Alcotest® reading is not 100% accurate. Were you arrested and charged with a DUI in Sea Girt, New Jersey? Make sure you get the experience you need with a DUI legal practice like Villani & DeLuca.

Breath Test Refusal

The implied consent law of New Jersey means that you may not refuse a breath test if there is reason to believe that you have been consuming alcohol and are now driving a vehicle. If you do refuse, you will be charged with breath test refusal and your license will be revoked for at least seven months. Breath test refusal may even end in a poorer outcome than a DUI conviction.
Probable cause should always be proven by a police officer prior to a breath test can be implemented. Your Villani & DeLuca DWI attorney will be able to show whether probable cause was actually established and whether a medical issue stopped you from participating in a breath test.

DWI Checkpoints

Have you ever been stopped at a DUI checkpoint? Officers may have asked you to hand over your license and ask you questions regarding who you are and where you reside, which is in their prerogative. If they asked you additional questions, you did not have to reply.
The behavior of the officer who arrested you at a DWI checkpoint may be part of your legal strategy during a trial. A conviction will occur if the police officer was not acting in agreement with the law.

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