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Heroin Possession Lawyers in Sea Bright NJ

New Jersey Heroin Possession Defense Lawyers Will Fight For You

Due to a multitude of heroin finding its way into New Jersey, the government is reallocating its attention in an attempt to obstruct the supply. With law enforcement's eyes on heroin, more drug users and providers are facing imprisonment.

Today's heroin problem in NJ is not restricted to the urban areas, but has extended into suburban communities throughout the state. New Jersey's geographic location in the drug trade has made it one of the major importers of prohibited drugs like heroin in the United States.
As the state and city governments concentrate ever more on the rising heroin trafficking and drug ring situation, the amount of heroin-related arrests and drug raids dramatically rise. Yet, just because someone is arrested for a heroin charge it does not automatically mean it will result in a conviction. People accused of possession and distribution must be given the chance to defend themselves with the assistance of drug lawyers serving places like Sea Bright, New Jersey.
Speak with Villani & DeLuca drug defense attorneys to get legal assistance if you are up on drug charges in Sea Bright, NJ for heroin possession or intent to distribute heroin.

Heroin Charges Under New Jersey Law (N.J.S.A 2C:35-10)

Deemed a Schedule 1 Controlled Dangerous Substance according to New Jersey law, possession of heroin is considered to be a third degree offense. A conviction for heroin possession warrants up to 5 years imprisonment and a top fine of $35,000.
Are you grappling with heroin addiction in NJ? Heroin is destroying the lives of many teenagers and young adults in New Jersey yearly. If you are a heroin addict and picked up for a crime, contact a NJ drug lawyer for help.

NJ Drug Possession Attorneys with Extensive Experience

The heroin defense lawyers at Villani & DeLuca have vast experience fighting heroin offenses. Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. is a skilled heroin defense attorney who regularly defends clients against criminal charges, including possession and distribution of heroin. Mr. Villani can make use of his prior experience prosecuting criminal drug charges in the New Jersey court system to construct the tightest defense possible for you.

Protect Yourself from These Serious Heroin Charges

Your prospects will be seriously impacted by the outcome of your court case. The penalties for a conviction can be as high as decades in prison for a multiple offender of heroin crimes.
Your charges and potential penalties have a lot to do with the events of your arrest. The total number of ounces of heroin on your person at the time of an arrest will factor into whether you receive a possession or distribution charge. Your case may be complicated if you were arrested in a designated school zone.

Simple Heroin Possession in New Jersey

If you are arrested for heroin possession, you don't necessarily need to face jail time. A first offense may be eligible for Pretrial Intervention (PTI) if your counsel thinks you qualify. A heroin defense lawyer may also be able to fight charges based on a violation of your rights.
Even a relatively small amount of heroin can constitute the intent to distribute. Convictions for intent to sell heroin can face five years in prison with a max fine of $75,000 and a revoked driver's license.

Heroin Distribution and Intent to Distribute Laws in New Jersey

Intending to distribute and actually distributing have no practical difference in courts in New Jersey. Heroin possession of fewer than a half ounce with the intent to sell is deemed a 3rd degree crime, while possession with intent to distribute larger amounts (5 ounces or more) is a 1st degree crime. A prison term of 10-20 years and a $500,000 fine may be the result of a first degree heroin conviction.

Heroin Distribution and Possession in or Near a School Zone

School zones will make fines and other consequences of a drug conviction more severe than they would be under normal circumstances. If you are caught in possession of heroin in a designated school zone, there is a fixed imprisonment sentence with fines of up to $150,000 if convicted. Your lawyer should have successfully fought heroin cases on their resume so that your heroin charges are kept to a minimum if found guilty.

Don't Allow Heroin Charges to Ruin Your Life

Regardless of being arraigned with heroin offenses in New Jersey, you have choices. Talk to a skilled heroin lawyer in NJ. A veteran NJ heroin attorney may be able to have your case dismissed, have the charges downgraded or kept off your criminal record.
Did the state overlook police protocol when searching you? If your rights were crossed, you may have reasons for dismissal. The drug defense attorney you hire will highlight any irregular procedures that resulted in your arrest.
Conditional discharge is a good solution for many first-time offenders of heroin possession. Discharge will allow you to go on probation instead, and your record will stay clean.

If you haven't been arrested before, prison time is extremely unlikely if your attorney and the prosecution agree to a Pretrial Intervention (PTI). The rehabilitation program promotes recovery rather than incarceration and enables defendants to undergo drug treatment therapy decrease further drug-related crimes and arrests in NJ.

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