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DWI Lawyers in Red Bank NJ

New Jersey DWI Attorneys Will Dispute Your DUI Charge

New Jersey takes drunk driving seriously. A DUI or DWI conviction will end up meaning severe consequences and penalties. If you or a loved one have been charged with DUI, you should have security. A strong legal strategy designed by a NJ DUI attorney will provide you with the best chance.
In the event of a charge for driving under the influence, attorneys from Villani & DeLuca can assist you. Our lawyers are aware of the intricacies of DUI law and they have the background to prove it. A conviction can change your future in a negative way, but New Jersey DWI attorneys can change it for the better.

Knowing NJ DWI and DUI Regulations

When someone is pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving in NJ, police have the ability to conduct a standardized field sobriety test (SFST) to test the driver for a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of 0.08%. and a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher. A measurement that is 0.08% or higher constitutes a DWI charge.

Get an Experienced Attorney for Your DWI Charge

If you are searching for a DUI attorney, partner Carmine Villani, Esq. can build your legal defense strategy. He is a member of the National College of DWI Defense and has years of experience defending clients in NJ. He and his team will strive to have your charges lessened significantly or dropped altogether.

Practiced in Alcotest® and Breathalyzer

If a breath test is not operated properly, reading can be inaccurate. Mr. Villani concentrates on the evaluation of these procedures. He has had the same training as New Jersey law enforcement and will notice incorrect administration of a breath test by vigilantly reviewing official police procedures, machine calibration and maintenance standards.

Understanding the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST)

You must obey an officer who has requested that you take the standardized field sobriety test (SFST) if the officer believes you are inebriated and should not be driving. But, the evidence of a field sobriety test is only useful if it was properly administered.

Drug-Related DUI Arrests

Drug recognition evaluation (DRE) is the procedure by which law enforcement determines whether a driver is under the influence of drugs. However, much like with the standardized field sobriety test, errors are sometimes made during the process. If a wrong step has actually occurred, your attorney will fight the charges on the basis that the drug recognition evaluation was not implemented according to the law. Villani & DeLuca will look for mistakes made during your arrest to protect your rights.

Challenging Charges With a New Jersey DWI Lawyer

Your license will be suspended and a fine of up to $1,000 will be required when convicted of intoxicated driving. You may also be required to drive with an interlock ignition device after your license has been reissued. Multiple DUI convictions and a high blood alcohol percentage will lead to more severe consequences.
Having a proven DWI lawyer working for you is the most important piece of your defense if you received a 0.08% or higher during the Alcotest®. Not all BAC readings recorded by the Alcotest® devices are accurate, due to a variety of factors, and can result in false positives. If you have been arrested in Red Bank, NJ and believe you are being wrongly charged with DWI or DUI, start strengthening your legal strategy with the help of a dependable DUI law firm, Villani & DeLuca.

Breath Test Refusal

Have you
declined to accept a breath test in New Jersey? Refusal charges are many times more severe than driving while intoxicated. If probable cause has been demonstrated, you are not allowed by law to say no to a breath test conducted by a police officer.
According to the law, law enforcement is not allowed to administer a breath test without probable cause being established. Without any solid probable cause, your charges should not stand.

How DWI Checkpoints Work in NJ

If you are stopped at a DUI road block in NJ, you will be required to respond to questions about your name and residence and to produce your driver's license and registration. But you don't need to reply to other queries at a police DWI road block. You also have the right to civilly turn down a request to search your car.
The way in which officers handle your rights during DWI checkpoints can greatly impact a trial. A qualified lawyer will be able to inform you whether you were treated appropriately at a DUI checkpoint.

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