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Criminal Defense Lawyers in Ocean Township NJ

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in Ocean Township, NJ Work Hard for You

Were you recently arrested for allegedly committing a crime in Ocean Township, NJ? If you have, you should take the proper steps to protect yourself. You cannot lose any time before hiring a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey.

A history of fighting criminal charges in New Jersey has made Villani & DeLuca a qualified criminal defense law firm. Our criminal defense attorneys will not cease defending the people who hire us and their fight against the prosecution. Criminal charges are serious, but established Ocean Township, NJ criminal defense attorneys can make a big difference.
Contact Villani & DeLuca any time of day for a free-of-charge consultation at (732) 709-7757 in order to start building your defense and rebuild the life you had.

You Should Get the Defense You Expect With Villani & DeLuca

Your lawyer should have relevant experience fighting charges like yours in Ocean Township. NJ criminal defense lawyers will begin constructing your legal defense strategy with a simple call, 24/7. Get legal representation that does not stop fighting until the case is resolved.

Fewer penalties and fines and evading incarceration should be the objectives for your criminal defense strategy. The criminal defense process might appear complex to a person who has not practiced this area of the law, but our attorneys can ensure you understand all steps along the way.

Villani & DeLuca Criminal Defense Attorneys Will …

• Defend your rights and help you evade self-incrimination throughout questioning
• Address bail and bond arrangements
• Battle for reduced charges and create a plea bargain when in your best interest
• Represent you in the courtroom if your case goes to trial
• Writing and defending criminal appeals to get previous convictions expunged
• Bring mitigating factors to the forefront during a sentencing

You Deserve a Criminal Defense Attorney With the Experience to Get Results

Focused on winning your case? A legal practice like Villani & DeLuca will be able to give you the strongest chance to beat your charges. We will defend clients in municipal court and superior court in NJ and we've been doing it since 1996.
Your attorney needs to be able to demonstrate that they have the detailed qualifications required to take on your case. With prior experience prosecuting and defending criminal charges in New Jersey, Partner Carmine Villani, Esq. has a leg up that very few lawyers in the state can claim. He has been both a municipal prosecutor, as well as a public defender. The experience of working both sides of criminal cases has provided Mr. Villani the ability to help you get results.
You need to take steps to defend yourself if you have been taken into custody and accused of a crime, but if you still have not taken action, get the opinion of a qualified attorney. The stressful process of criminal litigation can get simpler with the addition of one of our criminal defense lawyers at Villani & DeLuca. The odds of your charges being dismissed or reduced adds up greatly if you know your rights.
To protect yourself more effectively against charges listed beneath, ask your Ocean Township criminal defense attorney.
• Drug crimes – possession of marijuana, heroin possession, possession with intent to distribute, prescription drug possession
• Assault
• Restraining orders
• Underage drinking
• Theft and burglary
• Criminal mischief
• Disorderly persons and petty disorderly persons charges
• Juvenile offenses
The defense for Criminal allegations and disorderly persons charges should be conducted by qualified criminal defense lawyers in NJ.

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney to Help Your Case at Villani & DeLuca

Do not throw away valuable time trying to defend yourself – your life and future are at risk. Even when the deck seems stacked against you, a criminal defense lawyer will help you see an answer. If you were charged recently, get in touch with our attorneys at Villani & DeLuca right now. Defense attorneys at Villani & DeLuca are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist with any criminal charge you might face. Take advantage of no-cost discussion with one easy phone call to (732) 709-7757.

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