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Marijuana Possession Lawyers in Neptune NJ

Experienced Neptune Marijuana Distribution and Possession Defense Lawyers Will Fight for You

Ignoring marijuana laws in NJ can justify significant penalties depending on the severity of the charge. Possession and distribution penalties vary in harshness, but both kinds of pot charges require the assistance of a lawyer. If you were charged with distribution or any other marijuana-related crimes in the state of New Jersey, you need to build your case with the assistance of an experienced law firm serving Neptune. NJ criminal defense attorneys will fight to protect your rights and protest marijuana-related charges.

Know the Law, Evade Marijuana Allegations in New Jersey

New Jersey considers marijuana a Schedule 1 Controlled Dangerous Substance. Less than 50 grams is a disorderly persons offense, but a larger amount may warrant felony charges.

Having possession of large quantities of marijuana will typically result in charges besides simple possession. If you were taken into custody for possession of a sizable amount of marijuana, you will be charged as if you had the intention to distribute An experienced lawyer who serves Neptune, New Jersey can assist your fight against your charges if there is any question as to your intentions.

Experienced New Jersey Drug Possession Attorneys

As a previous municipal prosecutor and public defender, Carmine Villani, Esq. has uncommon experience for a marijuana criminal defense lawyer. Villani & DeLuca was established in 1996 and has been fighting marijuana allegations for clients ever since.

Marijuana Laws in NJ

{Your marijuana charges hinge on how much marijuana you had on you, where your arrest took place and what police believe you were attempting to do with the illegal drugs you had on you.|Were you taken into custody for a large quantity of pot in your possession? Based on the unique situation of your arrest

Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana possession in NJ of less than 50 grams can still warrant jail terms of as many as six months and fines that are as high as $1,000. Possession of marijuana in amounts of greater than 50 grams is more serious and can produce a $25,000 fine and as much as a 1.5 year jail term.

Marijuana Distribution and Intent to Distribute

Marijuana distribution may be a felony, but fines and punishments vary. For instance, a charge in the fourth degree (less than one ounce) can lead to a fine of up to $10,000 and a jail term of up to 18 months, while a first degree charge would come with a maximum sentence of twenty years and a max fine of $300,000.

School Zones and Public Parks

A protected zone includes school property like town-operated buildings and vehicles and public parks. A punishment is heightened when the arrest occurred in a protected zone in New Jersey. Ask a NJ defense attorney to explain your rights and potential strategies if you have been charged with selling marijuana in a protected zone in Neptune, NJ.

Medical Marijuana

Some people are allowed to use medical marijuana in New Jersey. But, if you do live in another state, don't think that your medicinal marijuana card is accepted in NJ. Only serious health conditions or a mortal illness may validate a medical marijuana exemption in NJ.

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