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Heroin Possession Lawyers in Neptune NJ

Heroin Offense Attorneys in Neptune, NJ Will Work to Clear Your Charges

Heroin usage and related charges, like heroin possession and distribution, are currently a major problem in New Jersey. As heroin fatalities and overdoses climb, NJ law enforcement is focusing on heroin offenses, carrying out some of the strictest penalties in the country.

With large amounts of heroin making its way into the NJ streets, heroin has become inexpensive and more deadly. Heroin in New Jersey even tends to be a higher grade than typical heroin supplies across the US. Due to the abundance and undiluted nature of the heroin, many teenagers are becoming addicted to heroin in NJ.
As the state and municipal governments concentrate more and more on the growing heroin trafficking and drug ring situation, the number of heroin-related arrests and sting operations dramatically increase. In spite of this burgeoning situation, an arrest does not automatically result in a jail sentence. You have rights that must be protected with the help of an attorney serving Neptune, NJ and the neighboring towns.
Charged for a heroin drug possession crime in Neptune, New Jersey? Secure representation from the heroin attorneys at Villani & DeLuca before it's too late.

Heroin Charges According to New Jersey Law (N.J.S.A 2C:35-10)

Heroin is a Schedule 1 Controlled Dangerous Substance in NJ and possession is legally considered a third degree offense. A conviction for heroin possession warrants up to 5 years in prison and a top fine of $35,000.
NJ has seen heroin usage increase in popularity very quickly. Heroin is the “number one health care crisis” in NJ according to the Task Force on Heroin and Other Opiate Use by New Jersey Youths and Young Adults. Your NJ criminal defense attorney should have experience defending clients from heroin charges.

NJ Drug Possession Lawyers with Extensive Experience

Since Villani & DeLuca was founded in 1996, partner and founding member Carmine Villani, Esq. has defended individuals arrested for drug crimes in New Jersey. As a past criminal prosecutor, Mr. Villani has worked on both sides of the court (defense and prosecution), which can be a huge advantage for his clients.

Protect Yourself from These Serious Heroin Charges

You should take every opportunity to protect yourself from a heroin arrest. A conviction can also severely limit your business prospects in the years to come. Prison time and fines can be tremendously destructive to the way your life travels.
Your verdict is based upon on the amount of heroin in your possession, but also on other considerations, such as proximity to a school zone or whether authorities determine that you are have intention to distribute. Having a qualified criminal attorney on your side is very important to minimize your punishment and receive a lower charge from the prosecution.

Simple Heroin Possession in NJ

A prison sentence is not an inevitability. A first offense may result in a Pretrial Intervention (PTI) if your defense attorney thinks you qualify. A heroin attorney can examine if charges were based on an abuse of your rights.
It's important to note that possession of any amount of heroin – even less than 1/2 ounce – that is deemed to warrant the intent to sell, has much more punitive penalties. Heroin distribution carries bigger fines, lengthier prison sentences and a suspension of a driver's license.

Heroin Distribution and Intent to Distribute Laws in New Jersey

Possession is not generally as serious as distribution. Possession of in excess of .5 ounces of heroin may cause law enforcement to charge you with intent to sell. Intention of selling is legally identical to the act of selling heroin in regard to penalties. You may be served with up to a five-year sentence and be served a $75,000 fine for the intent to distribute just 0.5 ounces of heroin. Possession ofany amount of heroin over five ounces with intent to distribute, including any adulterants or dilutants, is a transgression in the first degree. If convicted, you will be sentenced to 10-20 years and be required to pay up to $500,000 in penalties.

Heroin Distribution and Possession in or Near a School Zone

Fines and other penalties like prison time are increased substantially when the transgression occurs in or near a school zone, which includes school buses and encompasses areas up to 1,000 feet from the building or vehicle. If you are found distributing heroin in a designated school zone, there is a mandatory imprisonment sentence with fines of up to $150,000 if convicted. Your attorney should have successfully fought heroin cases on their resume so that your heroin-related charges are kept to a minimum if found guilty.

Safeguard Your Future from a Heroin Arrest

Drug charges like heroin possession or distribution don't need to completely destroy your future. Protect your life with a well-thought out defense plan. Charges may be eliminated or lessened with a compelling defense.
Probable cause is required to search your property, without which a policeman is constricted in what he may search. A heroin attorney will provide direction based on your specific circumstances.
If you do not have any prior arrests, conditional discharge is often a smart option for you to pursue. Discharge will permit probation instead, and your record will stay clean.

Pretrial Intervention is a big help to many heroin addicts and can be an alternative to jail. It is used as rehabilitation instead of a jail term. The PTI program can be very helpful if you are grappling with addiction.

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