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Divorce Mediation in Neptune NJ

Have a Say in Your Divorce Settlement with a Neptune Divorce Mediator

A divorce in NJ is usually completely demanding for everyone involved, but there is a better way. Divorce mediation is a much simpler process than traditional divorce, which could continue on in a courtroom and will likely create needless bills. Take control of your own divorce, by getting assistance from a divorce mediator in NJ.

Mediation is occasionally ordered by a court in New Jersey for people who are attempting to divorce in order to reach consensual terms. Although divorce mediation can be court ordered, it is often the preferred process for many people.
Would you like a divorce that is quick and not as painful? Unnecessary court hearings can be costly, but a mediator can work alongside you in order to be positive that your time in court is minimized. Many people would like to avoid the negativity of a divorce. An impartial mediator will help in making an environment that is useful and fair to both sides. be treated fairly and have their interests represented. Divorce mediators are not working for just one of the spouses, but both. Mediators are required by New Jersey to remain objective, treating both spouse's priorities the same.
Even if mediation is obviously the right choice for both of you, deciding on the right firm for your divorce mediation can make the most impact. Your needs as individuals both need to be considered and a mediator who understand that is paramount.

Mediation Attorneys Serving Neptune, NJ Have the Right Experience

Family law and divorce mediation have been an area of focus at Villani & DeLuca since opening in 1996. You should expect competence from a mediator like Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq., who has been specializing in family law for many years. Vincent DeLuca has a certification from the Supreme Court of New Jersey and is a Rule 1:40 Family Law Mediator.

Do you need the best possible outcome for your divorce? Work with Villani & DeLuca divorce mediation attorneys to reach your goals in a respectful manner that takes both sides into account.

How Divorce Mediation Works

The goal of a mediated divorce is to reach an understanding on positions that help both people. But, an agreement will only take place with the involvement of a mediator who has been employed by both parties. A good NJ divorce mediator will try to balance each party's needs impartially.
After an agreement, specific, agreed-upon terms will be written by the mediator in what is known as a Memorandum of Understanding. Individual attorneys then include this memorandum in the comprehensive settlement agreement, which is then utilized to conclude the divorce in court.
Problems such as money and custody of children can halt the movement of a traditional divorce, but the techniques used by divorce mediators can make these difficult decisions much easier.

Financial Mediation

Experienced divorce mediators in NJ know that financials are some of the biggest subjects that tend to hold up traditional divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, disagreements concerning assets and its division are often argued. The participation of a mediator creates a much healthier setting for a financial discussion.

Mediation of Family and Custody Matters

A custody battle is almost always the hardest issue to answer. The good news is that Villani & DeLuca can help you find a solution. Custody is an emotional matter for couples, but mediators will look at it from an unbiased view to come up with a solution that can then be agreed upon.

Why You Should Choose Divorce Mediation

Why should you pick divorce mediation? Check out just a few of the benefits:
– Sensible resolutions for everyone affected by the divorce
– A confidential mediation, where nothing discussed is able to be mentioned in court
– Children's welfare is given uppermost concern, greater than parents' specific goals
– Decreased time in court, with decreased lawyer fees
– Less bureaucracy with a quick, yet thorough process

Settle Your Divorce Through Divorce Mediation in NJ

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