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Divorce is pretty common in modern culture. When saying “I do”, no one believes that their relationship is destined for heartache. But, it occurs all the time.
Reaching a place in your marriage where you contemplate divorce is never easy. If you have come to a crossroad and feel divorce is your only choice, then in all probability you have already dealt with enough pain. You need a Neptune, New Jersey divorce lawyer to help relieve your stress by getting started quickly and forcefully standing up for your financial, individual and custodial rights.

Issues often turn up throughout the divorce hearings. The outcome of your divorce, including land and finances can be best achieved with a divorce lawyer in Neptune, NJ. Villani & DeLuca, P.C. lawyers will toil diligently to ensure a better outlook for you.

Knowledgeable Neptune, NJ Divorce Attorneys Working for You

When confronting a difficult position as a result of divorce, a matrimonial attorney will step in on your behalf. Our lawyers usher you through each point of the process in a manner that keeps you in the driver's seat. There are numerous concerns that will need to be addressed during a divorce between you and your spouse in order to make the divorce conclusive, including spousal support, child support and the division of assets and other finances. Receive a positive outcome with a divorce attorney boasting ample experience in divorce negotiations.

Partner Vincent DeLuca, Esq. is one of the very few attorneys with the distinction of being a certified matrimonial law attorney, as bestowed by the NJ Supreme Court. Mr. DeLuca and the family law team of Villani & DeLuca have been helping people in Neptune, NJ with divorce-related needs since the firm's origin in 1996.
Our divorce lawyers offer legal support for all types of separations, calling for all types of resolutions. Strategies like collaborative divorce and mediation will assist to finalize your divorce quickly and easily. But, only some divorces can find resolution without a judge's intervention, and Villani & DeLuca will represent you in court when required.

Procuring a Divorce in New Jersey

Divorcing spouses are supposed to be living in state for a full year. Also, the divorce must be filed because of of irreconcilable differences for the divorce to get approved. Without irreconcilable differences, there are several other factors that warrant divorce in accordance with the state, that include:
– Adultery
– Deviant sexual tendencies
– Abandonment (willful and continued for at least a year)
– Drug addiction or persistent inebriation
– 18-month living separately
– Being institutionalized for mental illness for more than 2 years
– Severe cruelty (physical or mental cruelty endangering safety or overall health of husband or wife)

Commonplace Divorce Situations

Divorce Mediation

In many cases, a judge may call for a couple to explore divorce mediation, or you can choose to take part in divorce mediation proactively . Spouses considering divorce mediation engage in a civilized setting, with an unbiased 3rd party individual leading the divorce process between couples. Settlements are met by working together to find a mutually agreed upon option for both sides. A resolution reached by using divorce mediation can generally be more attractive for both parties than a court ordered verdict.

Collaborative Divorce

You may choose to weigh the benefits of a collaborative divorce, which removes the need for a trial in Family Court. It can be a beneficial way to make sure that the divorce does not become too expensive like one that lingers in court. A collaborative divorce can be concluded out of a courtroom and in total and complete confidence.

Child Custody

A controversy over the legal or physical custody of a child is one of the most emotional obstacles a parent might face during divorce proceedings. Your attorney will fight for your case to show that you are more than capable to rear children. The NJ Family Court System is compelled to do what is most advantageous for the child , and divorce attorneys will guarantee that the most compelling case is presented on your behalf.

Alimony or Spousal Support

Spousal support can be a vital dilemma in a divorce. As per (N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23(b)), many factors like age, duration of marriage, education level and other factors can play a role in determining alimony. Our divorce and custody lawyers work closely with licensed financial planners and evaluate possible tax results of alimony checks in an effort to bring about the best personal financial terms for our clients.

Child Support

Child support will be designated with the annual income of both parents under consideration. Joint and sole custody also play a role in how much each payment will be. Each parent's income and a considerable number of other monetary concerns will contribute to the actual amount of child support that is owed.
The process of determining child support can be antagonistic. Make sure your lawyer has a history of success in matters of child support.

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